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UFC 171 undercard live blog: Gastelum vs. Story, more

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Kelvin Gastelum and Rick Story will headline the UFC 171 undercard Saturday night.
Kelvin Gastelum and Rick Story will headline the UFC 171 undercard Saturday night.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 171 undercard live blog for the UFC 171 event at the American Airlines Center in Dallas.

There will be eight fights on the UFC 171 undercard. Kevin Gastelum vs. Rick Story, Raquel Pennington vs. Jessica Andrade, Dennis Bermudez vs. Jimy Hettes, Sean Spencer vs. Alex Garcia, Renee Forte vs. Frank Trevino,
Will Campuzano vs. Justin Scoggins, Robert McDaniel vs. Sean Strickland,
and Daniel Pineda vs. Robert Whiteford will be featured on the prelims.

Check out the UFC 171 undercard live blog below.

Daniel Pineda vs. Robert Whiteford
Round 1: Here we go, folks. Don Turnage is our referee for tonight's curtain jerker. Pineda and Whiteford trade low kicks early. Whiteford swings for the fences and misses. Whiteford closes the distance and hunts for the trip. He can't get it, but he muscles Pineda up against the fence. Whiteford finally turns the corner and gets Pineda to the mat, immediately advancing into side control. Pineda uses the fence to climb to his feet, but Whiteford is still latched onto him. Pineda breaks off then wades inside with an uppercut. Pineda fails on a trip attempt. Whiteford connects on a combination. Pineda just moves out of the way of a high kick. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Whiteford.

Round 2: Whiteford secures an early takedown and beings working from full guard. Pineda climbs back to his feet, then scrambles to his feet once more after another quick double leg. Huge exchange and blood is leaking down from the right brow of Pineda. They're swinging for the fences. Pineda lands a hard kick to the body. Whiteford fires back. Whiteford changes levels for a single. Pineda defends along the fence but gives up his back in the process. Pineda drops low for a heel hook attempt. Whiteford grimaces in pain. Wow, Whiteford coaxes the crowd and they explode. He's out. That was interesting. Whiteford working from side control now. Pineda breaks free and stands, but eats a knee for his troubles. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Whiteford. (20-18 Whiteford.)

Round 3: Right away Whiteford wrestles Pineda to the mat and begins working from full guard. Whiteford looking to pass but Pineda is maintaining his guard. Turnage has seen enough and stands ‘em up. Pineda dives low for a single but can't get it. Whiteford ducks under a wild spinning backfist and dumps Pineda on his back. Pineda wriggles for and hunts for a heel hook. He can't get it, and Whiteford begins to work on top from half guard. Pineda throws his legs up for a triangle but Whiteford just stacks him then passes to side control. Pineda reclaims his guard. Turnage stands it up. Pineda finally gets a takedown. He has 40 seconds to do something here. Whiteford holds on while Pineda works short elbows to the thigh. There's the horn. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Whiteford. (30-27 Whiteford.)

Robert Whiteford def. Daniel Pineda via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Bubba McDaniel vs. Sean Strickland

Round 1: Kerry Hatley is our referee. Big exchange early and McDaniel is smiling. McDaniel catches a push kick and tosses it aside. McDaniel goes high and misses. McDaniel wades forward with a flurry but nothing lands flush. McDaniel ducks under and hoists Strickland into the air, but fails to get the takedown. Strickland with his back pushed against the fence, reverses and trips McDaniel. Strickland nearly climbs onto McDaniel's back but instead settles into top position. Strickland advances into half guard then rains down a few short elbows. Strickland postures up and unloads with punches. McDaniel scrambles but gives up his back. Strickland instantly sinks in a rear-naked choke. McDaniel taps. That was slick.

Sean Strickland def. Bubba McDaniel via submission (rear-naked choke) at 4:33 of round one

Will Campuzano vs. Justin Scoggins
Round 1: Referee Jacob Montalvo oversees the action. Scoggins wades inside and immediately takes Campuzano's back. Scoggins stays latched onto Campuzano, but cant do anything with the position and Campuzano eventually breaks free. Both men bouncing on their heels. Scoggins kicks low, then high. Scoggins connects on a push kick to the chest. Scoggins closes the distance then muscles Campuzano to the mat. Campuzano scrambles to his feet and lets out a yell of frustration. Spinning back kick connects for Scoggins. Scoggins goes low, then high again. Big ‘ooooh' from the crowd on that one. Scoggins changes levels and plants Campuzano on his butt. Campuzano gives up his back to stand. High kick misses for Campuzano. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Scoggins.

Round 2: Campuzano misses with a flurry then kicks low. Scoggins paws out his jab. Scoggins catches Campuzano with a stiff left. Both men picking and choosing their shots. Scoggins dives inside and Campuzano slithers in a tight guillotine! Campuzano may have this one. Scoggins staying patient, not panicking. Eventually he breaks free. That was close. Scoggins drops a hard elbow from side control. Campuzano reclaims his guard then sinks in butterfly hooks. Scoggins works around them then looks to take Campuzano's back. Campuzano defending but this is still a bad spot. Scoggins eventually gets Campuzano's back. Campuzano reverses out but Scoggins is relentless with his pressure. Scoggins can't get anything done and finally stands. Campuzano eats a few hard counters at the horn. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Scoggins. (20-18 Scoggins.)

Round 3: Scoggins rushes out to the center of the cage and connects on a few high kicks. Pace is picking up here. Scoggins ducks under a shot and double legs Campuzano to the mat, immediately passing to half guard. Scoggins' corner wants him to stay in half, and he does. Big punches from Scoggins. Campuzano rolls to give up his back. Scoggins unloading with punches. Campuzano rolls again and now Scoggins is working from side control. Scoggins is having his way with him right now. Another big right lands. Campuzano nearly climbs to his feet, but Scoggins dumps him back down. Campuzano eats a short elbow. Scoggins back in half guard, continues to unload a steady procession of short strikes. Scoggins is transitioning back and forth at will. Big flurry from Scoggins closes out the fight. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Scoggins. (30-27 Scoggins.)

Justin Scoggins def. Will Campuzano via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Renee Forte vs. Frank Trevino
Round 1: "Big" Dan Miragliotta is our referee for this final UFC Fight Pass prelim. Forte stalks forward, unloads a flurry then wrestles Trevino to the mat. Forte works to Trevino's back and sinks in one hook. There's the other hook. Bad spot early for Trevino. Trevino defending the choke but not doing much else. Trevino ties up Forte's right arm and scrambles to his feet. Forte is relentless with his takedown attempt. He gets it, then immediately passes to half guard. Trevino tries to scramble up but can't. Second time's the charm, we're back to our feet. Trevino tosses out a hard right. Trevino kicks high then goes to the body. And again. Forte swarms forward with a flurry but Trevino just shakes his head. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Forte.

Round 2: Touch of gloves kicks off round two. Trevino eats a right. Trevino measures his distance then kicks low. Forte catches a body kick and closes the distance along the fence. Trevino reverses and releases. Trevino stalks forward winging punches. Trevino goes low his kicks. Forte answers with a body kick of his own. Trevino keeping Forte at bay with his right hand. Trevino throws up his hands Nick Diaz style then misses with a high kick. Boos rain down from the crowd. Forte ducks under a shot and dumps Trevino on his back, landing inside Trevino's guard. Forte stands and Trevino scrambles to his feet. Trevino ties and his plants Forte on the mat. Forte works to his feet, but Trevino has a front headlock locked in and hits him with a few knees. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Trevino. (19-19 overall.)

Round 3: Big exchange early. Trevino hoists Forte off his feet and slams him down. Forte scrambles up, then eats a spinning back elbow off the break. The two collide in an exchange and Forte winds up with his back against fence. Trevino takes his back. Forte briefly grabbed the fence but Big Dan missed it. Another big exchange. Trevino paws out his jab, then catches Forte with a pair of right hands. Trevino goes low then high. Forte puts his head down and blasts a power double through Trevino. Trevino tries to use the fence to climb to his feet, but Forte takes his back. Trevino stands anything and shakes off his new Forte backpack. Trevino muscling Forte up against the cage. Trevino eats a big hook off the break and continues to push forward. Forte dives inside for a last second takedown but Trevino shakes it off and connects with a flurry. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Trevino. (29-28 Trevino.)

Francisco Trevino def. Renee Forte via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Sean Spencer vs. Alex Garcia
Round 1: Don Turnage is the referee for this first bout on the night's FS2 prelims. Garcia comes out headhunting. Spencer ducks under a flurry but succumbs to a takedown attempt. Garcia trying to achieve top position but Spencer is keeping himself up against the fence. Spencer breaks away to the center of the Octagon. Spencer ducks under another wild hook then cracks Garcia with a right. Garcia kicks low. Spencer kicks to the body. Garcia cracks Spencer with a high kick. Garcia lowers his head and bulldozes Spencer to the mat, unloading a flurry of punches before Spencer hops to his feet. Spencer kicks low. Exchange ends the round, with neither man connecting flush. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Garcia.

Round 2: Spencer pumps his jab. Garcia misses with a jumping front kick, and Spencer connects with a clean counter. Spencer starting to open up now, mixing together his punches and kicks. Body kick cracks Garcia. Garcia scoops up Spencer's left leg and bowls him over. Spencer jumps to his feet then lands a huge right! High kick from Spencer! Garcia is wobbly. Spencer pours it on but Garcia survives. Garcia drops Spencer with a counter! Suddenly this is a slugfest, folks. Garcia dumps Spencer on the mat but Spencer reverses and stands. That was a wild sequence. Spencer still swinging for the fences. Garcia cracks him with a big right! Spencer shakes it off. Garcia connects on an uppercut and double legs Spencer to the mat. Garcia advances to half guard. Spencer scoots back to the fence and scrambles out. The crowd roars behind their hometown fighter. Jumping knee from Spencer. Great round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Garcia, but that could go either way. (20-18 Garcia.)

Round 3: Spencer rushes out to meet Garcia. He wants to keep this going. Garcia lands first, and again with a left hook. Spencer counters with an overhand right, then kicks high. Spencer circles and eats a left. Garcia goes over the top with a clubbing right. Garcia dives inside and hunts for a double. He gets it. Spencer active from the bottom with punches, then scoots back the fence and stands. Spencer swings for the fences and nearly connects. Body kick from Spencer. Garcia with a resounding double leg. Garcia hunts for Spencer's back, then climbs into mount. Wild scramble and we're back to our feet! What a fight. Garcia wades inside but can't complete the takedown. Spencer is stalking Garcia. Big flurry from Spencer. Spinning back elbow misses from Spencer at the horn. The crowd loves it. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Spencer (29-28 Garcia), but this is going to come down to that second round. Tough call.

Alex Garcia def. Sean Spencer via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Dennis Bermudez vs. Jimy Hettes
Round 1: Kerry Hatley is our referee. Hettes ties up but Bermudez reverses against the fence. Bermudez briefly gets a trip but Hettes rockets to his feet. Bermudez closes the distance again but Hettes refuses to stay down. Bermudez hoists Hettes upward and slams him down. Hettes gets up, only to get slammed back down. And again. Wow. Those last two were powerful. Bermudez is just relentless. Another slam from him, and this time he settles inside Hettes' guard. Hettes not letting Bermudez get off any offense. He scrambles to his feet, but with 10 seconds left Bermudez nearly sinks in a guillotine. Bermudez rolls into mount still holding the choke. There's the horn. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Bermudez.

Round 2: Bermudez storms forward with straight punches and front kicks. Hettes gets bullied up against the fence. Bermudez is just too strong for Hettes it seems. Bermudez drops low and secures a double. He can't finish it and Hettes stands, then reverses. Bermudez goes for an ankle pick, gives up on it, eats a hard shot then ties up along the opposite fence. Hettes digs in double underhooks and reverses position, but quickly finds himself on the mat. Hettes stands but Bermudez starts unloading heavy shots. Hettes is wobbly. Bermudez downs him with a flurry then jumps into side control. Hettes survives and regains his guard. Bermudez postures up and rains down punches. Hettes slowly climbs to his feet, then Hatley resets them to give Hettes his mouthpiece back. Quick takedown from Bermudez. Hettes scrambles up and latches onto Bermudez's side. Trip from Hettes and now he has Bermudez's back. Bermudez survives out the round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Bermudez. (20-18 Bermudez.)

Round 3:
Bermudez instantly closes the distance and muscles Hettes up against the fence. Bermudez goes over the top with a right hook and misses. Hettes eats a knee. Man, Bermudez is swinging. Bermudez cracks Hettes with a right and he slips the canvas. Bermudez follows and begins unloading. Hettes tries to swirl out but he's eating heavy shots. Bermudez in complete control right now. Hatley wants action and stands ‘em up. Hettes fails on a takedown attempt and flops to the mat. He does it again. Boos start raining down from the crowd but Hettes is beaten and exhausted. Bermudez rockets a knee to Hettes' head and that's it. He falls back to the canvas and Hatley calls it off. Super impressive fight from Bermudez. He completely broke Hettes.

Dennis Bermudez def. Jimy Hettes via TKO (knee) at 2:57 of round three

Raquel Pennington vs. Jessica Andrade
Round 1: Referee Don Turnage oversees the action. Pennington pumps her jab. Andrade answers by lunging forward with a flurry. Pennington ties up with a front headlock but her back is against the fence. Pennington digs in her underhook but the crowd is already growing restless. Pennington reverses, but quickly gets reversed back. Andrade with a slick trip into half guard. Pennington scrambles and climbs to her feet, but Andrade trips her once again into half guard. Andrade traps Pennington's right wrist for a keylock. Pennington kicks her away, but Andrade wades back inside and connects on a short shot. Pennington throws up her legs for an armbar! It has a chance. Andrade breaks free, scrambles and hunts for a guillotine. Pennington defends and stands, but Andrade is all over her. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Andrade.

Round 2: Andrade stalking forward early. Pennington closes the gap and connects on a few knees from inside the clinch. Andrade reverses and puts Pennington's back against the fence. Pennington breaks free and connects on a stiff one-two. Andrade takes it instantly to the mat. For a moment Andrade looked like she was about to slam Pennington down Rampage-style, but Pennington slickly crept to her feet. Andrade unloads a salvo along the fence. Pennington gets the Thai clinch and fires back. Two-punch combination lands for Pennington. Andrade hunts down Pennington and unleashes a flurry that staggers Pennington. Andrade continues to connect with hard shots. Pennington is completely on the defensive. Another flurry from Andrade. The crowd swells, sensing a finish may be near. Pennington grasps for a desperation standing guillotine. Oh man, she might have it. Pennington cranks hard. For a second it looked like Andrade tapped but now she's out. Too fast to tell. There's the end of the round. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Andrade. (20-18 Andrade.)

Round 3: Andrade comes out like a woman on fire. Pennington survives the assaults and remains patient. Andrade continues to stalk. Big exchange against the fence and now Pennington is holding Andrade close with a Thai clinch. Andrade breaks free and unloads another salvo. Pennington fires back but can't connect. Andrade lands cleanly with a right. Andrade lunges into another flurry, then eats a left. Andrade closes the distance against the fence, eats a knee, then drops down for a single. Pennington defends and now they're swinging. Pennington starting to connect with knees from the clinch. Pennington cracks Andrade with a crisp right. And another. Andrade counters with a big flurry. Pennington seizes Andrade's back and drags her to the canvas, then starts raining down blows. Furious pace here. Andrade gets back to her feet but eats a monstrous combo at the horn. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Pennington. (29-28 Andrade.)

Jessica Andrade def. Raquel Pennington via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Kevin Gastelum vs. Rick Story
Round 1: Jacob Montalvo is the referee for tonight's prelim headliner. Story wades inside but can't connect. Story slips a punch and connects on a hard counter. Gastelum pumps his jab hard and blood is already trickling from below Story's left eye. Story pops him with his jab. Story catches Gastelum with a nasty combination. Gastelum answers with a front kick that wobbles Story. Gastelum storms forward and unleashes a salvo. Story just trying to survive. Gastelum finally settles in side control. Story tries to creep out the back door, and after nearly giving up his back, he does so successfully. Story looking much worse for wear than Gastelum after that exchange. Gastelum cracks Story again, and again. Gastelum kicks low. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Gastelum.

Round 2: Story wades forward and lands a flurry. Gastelum continues to push forward. Story backs him up with another hard shot. One-two misses from Gastelum, who then kicks low. Wild left misses from Story. Another low kick from Gastelum. Story eats a hard one-two and tries to fire back. Story works the body. Gastelum pumps his jab at the insistence of a loud Luke Barnatt, who's in the crowd. Gastelum just slips a looping hook and unloads. Big right hand has Story on the defensive. Gastelum starting to feel it now. Story pumps his jab to settle things down. Gastelum misses a hook but connects his follow-up low kick. Story blasts Gastelum and now they're swinging! Huge shot drops Gastelum! Flash knockdown but he's back to his senses. Story continuing to pour it on. Wow, what a wild finish! There's the horn. MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Story.

Round 3: Huge swell of applause meets these two as they touch gloves for the final round. Gastelum looks like he's slowed a bit while Story's moving like he's fresh as a daisy. Hard right hand cracks Story. And another, and another. Story changes levels and shoots inside for a double. He transitions to a single, but can't get it. Gastelum overpowers Story against the fence. Gastelum pumps his jab and gets Story on his heels. Blast double from Gastelum and now he has Story's back. Story sweeps into top position. That was tremendous. Gastelum gives up his back. Story hunting hard for a rear-naked choke. Gastelum pries away Story's arm but Story is relentless. Gastelum sweeps into top position! We're back to our feet with 30 seconds to go. Gastelum throwing everything he has into these shots. Story shakes off a double leg attempt. Monstrous exchange here! This is a firefight! What a fight! MMA Fighting scores it 10-9 Story. (29-28 Story.)

Kelvin Gastleum def. Rick Story via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)