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Double Fighting: Four fighters, one cage and a ‘tag team’ in MMA

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MMA is growing every day in Brazil, so you need a good idea if you want to enter and be competitive in this market. Double Fighting brings something new, and its promoter is confident that you are going to love it.

The format is pretty simple: four fighters enter the cage for two simultaneous fights. Rules are a mystery by now. It’s like a tag team in MMA, but they are all fighting at the same time and in the same cage.

"Ever since I came up with this idea, some people always asked ‘is this like pro wrestling?’" Double Fighting’s CEO Carlos Nacli told "I did several studies and saw that nobody ever did something like this in MMA. I wanted to create something unique and new, bring something better to MMA. Two fighters facing two fighters, it’s entertaining. That’s what the fans want to watch.

"The UFC has a monopoly in MMA and controls the market, so every other promotion can’t help but be a trampoline to the UFC," he continued. "I always asked myself how could I enter this market, where they already are billionaires, and there are several promotions in Brazil and around the world?

"If I tried the regular way, the answer would be I have no chance, but then I came up with an idea: why can’t I have two guys fighting two guys in the same cage? Nobody likes to fight teammates, but what would they think of fighting together? The idea was ready, and all I needed to do was create the rules and the structure. We did several tests and finally had our first official fight."

Celso Venicius, a three-time jiu-jitsu world champion and 3-0 in MMA, was one of the fighters that watched Double Fighting’s first official bout in Sao Paulo, and he liked it. Nacli plans to release the video of the official bout soon, but sent MMA Fighting a teaser.

"For this first fight, I invited some people from the MMA community to see what it was like," he said. "The atmosphere and their reaction to it was unanimous. Maybe the fan who watches this video won’t be as impressed as the ones that watched it live, but I guarantee you will change your mind. Double Fighting brings new possibilities."