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One FC’s Adriano Moraes wants to ‘make history’ in Asia

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One FC

Adriano Moraes suffered his first professional loss in his One FC debut after dropping a split decision to Yusup Saadulaev in November, and he wants to make UFC veteran Yasuhiro Urushitani pay on March 14.

Urushitani defeated Rey Docyogen in his first fight under the One FC banner in May, and that’s the fight Moraes always wanted.

"I expect this fight to be a war," Moraes told "He already showed his qualities and it’s my time to show what I can do. I expect a tough fight against Urushitani. May the best man win.

"I didn’t like the taste of the loss, and it got me more motivated. This is the fight I always wanted since I signed with One FC. I’ll do my best on March 14."

Urushitani went 0-2 inside the Octagon with losses to Joseph Benavidez and John Lineker, and Moraes is confident that a win over him at One FC 14 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will bring better opportunities for his MMA career.

"Urushitani is the toughest flyweight in One FC," he said. "He always delivers, win or lose. He seems to be evolving every time he fights. He’s well-rounded, so I can’t get in there with a pre-determined strategy. I need to go in there to fight.

"MMA is entertaining, so we need to give the fans a great fight. I always go for the finish, and it won’t be any different against Urushitani. I believe I’ll earn a shot at the title with a win."

One FC has yet to crown a flyweight king, and Moraes wants to make history in the promotion.

"I want to be the One FC flyweight champion by the end of the year," he said. "I want to make history in Asia, like Bibiano Fernandes, Shinya Aoki and many others."