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Thiago Silva allegedly held gun in wife's mouth, threatened to shoot up jiu-jitsu school

Broward Sherriff's Office

UFC light heavyweight veteran Thiago Silva was arrested Thursday night by members of the Broward County Sheriff's Office following an alleged incident at the Pablo Popovitch Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Oakland Park, Fla.

Silva, 31, has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault with a weapon, one count of resisting an officer without violence, as well as one count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon stemming from a prior incident.

According to the police report obtained by from the Broward County Sheriff's Office on Friday, Silva and his wife Thaysa, who have been married for 13 years, separated in December 2012 due to "marital problems." Following the separation, Thaysa continued to live at the couple's Oakland Park residence.

On January 30, 2014, Thaysa Silva called officers to the residence due to a domestic altercation. She was "visibly shaking and sobbing uncontrollably" when police arrived. Thaysa alleged that Thiago and her engaged in an argument over accusations of extramarital affairs, during which, Thiago picked up a revolver, pushed her onto the sofa, pointed the firearm at her and threatened to kill her.

Thaysa alleges to have begun to scream, after which Thiago covered her mouth with his hand, held her down, and placed the revolver inside her mouth. Thiago then left the residence, fleeing the scene in his vehicle.

Thaysa informed officers that she feared for her life and believed Thiago intended to kill her. Later that day, Thaysa filed for a temporary injunction for protection.

On February 5, 2014, Thaysa Silva again called police following an incident at the shared residence. Thaysa alleges that she arrived to the residence at 8:53 p.m. to find Thiago Silva inside. She confronted Thiago and requested that he leave, citing the temporary injunction for protection. He initially refused, stating that she was the one who needed to leave. Thiago eventually left without incident.

Following his departure, Thiago allegedly sent Thaysa a text message that read, "I am gonna f--k you up and you are going to die. I am going to hire someone to kill you and I am gonna move my girlfriend in."

On February 6, 2014, at approximately 7:44 p.m., Thiago Silva allegedly parked his Dodge Charger outside the Pablo Popovitch Mixed Martial Arts Academy where Thaysa Silva, Pablo Popovitch, and approximately 25 adult students were training. Thaysa and Popovitch are currently involved in a romantic relationship, a fact which Thiago is aware of, and one that "contributed to his actions."

Thiago Silva allegedly began to honk his horn continuously until Thaysa Silva went outside to speak with him, noticing immediately that he was "extremely intoxicated." Thiago then brandished a glock pistol, pointed it at Thaysa, and stated, "You have ten seconds to bring Pablo outside and if he does not come out, I will go in the gym and start shooting everyone."

Popovitch exited the gym and approached the driver's side of vehicle, as Thiago allegedly pointed the firearm at Thaysa. Following ensuing death threats from Thiago, Popovitch ran back inside the gym, locked the front door and called police. Thiago subsequently drove off.

Officers soon arrived at Thiago Silva's residence and identified themselves, however upon Thiago's arrival, the UFC veteran "faced the deputies and gave them the middle finger" then proceeded inside his residence. A SWAT team was subsequently deployed, which coerced Thiago to exit the residence. Thiago allegedly "did not comply with [officers'] commands so a taser was deployed for officer safety reasons."

Silva was taken into custody at approximately 11:12 p.m.

Silva's sole count of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon stems from the domestic incident on January 30, 2014.

Silva (16-3, 2 NC) was scheduled to fight Ovince St. Preux at UFC 171 on March 15 in Dallas, TX. He has subsequently been cut from the UFC.

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