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Morning Report: Dana White responds to Freddie Roach comments, believes Georges St-Pierre is creating a 'smokescreen' to distract from his issues

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Famed boxing trainer Freddie Roach has now joined the passive aggressive back and forth between UFC president Dana White and former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre. Admitting he's a bit upset over his perception of how St-Pierre has been treated by White since his bout with Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 back in November, Roach reveals some ideas as to why St-Pierre chose to take time away from fighting and how long he may be gone.

"Well, [St-Pierre] told me he wanted to take two years off and I told him, 'Two years is retirement,'" says Roach. "'Lets stick with one year for now, see how you feel after a year and if you feel hungry enough to get back in there we'll do it. If not, we'll call it a day.' Georges is a great guy and I just want him to make the right decision at the right time and not be too hasty.

"He was telling me he had headaches and so forth. When I hear that I want to get him checked out completely. I told Georges to see his doctors and make sure everything is 100% and healthy before he makes a decision. It's really easy to make a decision after a tough fight like that and after Dana talking really bad about him. You get him depressed a little bit and drag him down, instead of most promoters who would try to build you back up, but Dana's not that kind of cat."

Appearing on Wednesday night's edition of FOX Sports Live, White responded to Roach's comments, saying he believes St-Pierre's recent statements have more to do with personal resentments than anything else.

"The crazy stuff I keep hearing back from Georges St-Pierre is unbelievable. No, Georges St-Pierre never complained to us about headaches. Georges St-Pierre has never publicly said the real reasons why he stepped away from the UFC for a year. When he sat down with Lorenzo [Fertitta] and I it was a whole different set of issues, personal problems. It had nothing to do with headaches or drug testing or anything else that's been said.

"Not only did he tell us it was personal issues, he told us what the personal issues were. I have no idea [why he keeps complaining]. I don't know if he's just trying to draw a smokescreen to what he's really dealing with and doesn't want to publicly talk about [it]? I don't know."

Once again, White says he believes St-Pierre is still upset about comments he made post-fight at UFC 167, hot under the collar following St-Pierre's impromptu quasi retirement speech with commentator Joe Rogan just minutes before.

"When Georges St-Pierre fought I called it like I saw it. I didn't think he won the fight. I thought Johny Hendricks won the fight. That's my opinion as the president of the company and as a fight fan. What Georges St-Pierre told us in private I would never repeat. He can get as kooky as he wants to get and say whatever he wants to say, but I would never repeat what he told us."



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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via MrBrutality.

Let's Talk About These Caucasian Highlanders

With the recent success of the athletes getting signed from south Russia, follow Mr.Brutality into their homeland:

As we are all now well aware, the 'Russian Invasion' has occurred within the UFC, with new Russian prospects already representing an astonishing win percentage in the UFC since January of 2012. However, the term 'Russian Invasion' is mis-leading - it would be more accurate to refer to this group as the 'Caucasian Invasion'.

While the term 'Caucasian' is often incorrectly used in North America to describe to anyone who is white, these men are true Caucasians - they are highlanders who hail from the Caucasus mountains in Southwestern Russia. So while they are technically Russians and subject to the Russian government, they truly do not represent the culture of Mother Russia.

In regards to MMA, we are looking at two of the republics in the mountains: Chechnya and Dagestan. We have seen political unrest in this zone on our news channels, particularly about Chechnya, but we are now also witnessing the martial arts skills and aggressive fighting instincts of their native athletes.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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