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Chris Weidman hails Nevada TRT ban as 'amazing day for the sport'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

You can count Chris Weidman among those who are excited about the news that the Nevada State Athletic Commission has banned therapeutic use exemptions for testosterone replacement therapy effective immediately.

"This is an amazing day for the sport," Weidman told "This is something that I've wanted to see happen for quite some time. TRT was and has always been cheating, and I'm glad Nevada finally recognized that, especially since I'm about to fight there against a known TRT user. Hopefully, every other athletic commission follows because this was long overdue.

"If you need TRT to fight, you shouldn't fight. Period."

Weidman is scheduled to fight Vitor Belfort, who has been on TRT for at least his last three fights (all wins), at UFC 173 on May 24 in Las Vegas.

Belfort recently said he would like to see Weidman undergo extra drug testing prior to their middleweight title fight, and Weidman said he had no problem with that.

"I won't do it just because Vitor wants me to get tested. I'll do it if the commission or the UFC asks me to. Absolutely.

"Come to my house, come to my gym. Whatever is good for the sport, I'll do."

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