Who Should Fight Who? UFC 170 Winners & Losers


Here is another Who Should Fight Who.


Rousey should fight Zingano - Reason: By now most of you know that I hate Ronda Rousey with all my heart, I can't stand her. I want to rag on her performance but I can't, she looked great. Shes getting better and better and I'm not happy about it. Her striking still isn't great but it has definitely improved and she got hit with a few solid punches and she took them well. I like that shes been working on her strikes in the clinch, now not only do her opponents have to defend her tosses and trips, they also have to worry about her strikes. I don't see anyone beating Ronda, at least no Woman currently in the UFC. The only chick in the world who can defeat her is Cyborg. Cyborg recently announced that shes going to be dropping to 135 lbs and she wants to fight Ronda. Cyborg is going to be fighting for the Invicta Bantamweight belt soon, she'll most likely win it and then hopefully we can finally see her and Ronda throw down. Now lets talk about who Ronda should fight next. There are a couple of chicks out there who you could say deserve a shot at the belt but I only want to see one chick fight Ronda next, Cat Zingano. She should get the next shot, she absolutely bashed Miesha Tate's face in and was supposed to coach on TUF opposite Ronda and get a title shot. She ended up blowing her knee out and Tate ended up filling in for her. Zingano's earned her shot and I feel its time for her to get it.



McMann should fight Eye - Reason: Sara McMann didn't have the greatest night at UFC 170. She got kneed right in her liver and lost a title fight. What makes it even worse is it was a bad stoppage. Herb Dean who is still the best Ref in the game has been off his game lately. He stepped in and stopped the Rousey/McMann fight right when McMann appeared to be recovering and defending herself. I don't know what is up with Herb but I hope he can snap out of it soon and get back to being great at his job. Back to McMann, so with all that happened to her last Saturday night I'm sure shes pretty bummed. She has the right attitude though, she wants to compete again as soon as possible and she wants to get a rematch as soon as she can get it. I expect her to go on a nice winning streak and get another title shot Late next year. I'd like to see McMann fight Jessica Eye next. This fight makes a lot of sense, they both lost on the same card and I have them ranked #6 and #7 so I think its the perfect fight for both gals. Also I think it'd be a fantastic fight. McMann could also fight Germaine de Randamie or The Loser of Tate vs Carmouche.


Cormier should fight Evans - Reason: Daniel Cormier was supposed to be fighting Rashad Evans at UFC 170 but Evans ended up blowing his knee out less than two weeks before the event. They were going to scrap the fight but they decided to give the fight to some trash talking nobody named Patrick Cummins. Well the fight went exactly as everyone imaged it would, Cormier ran through Cummins like a hot knife through butter. He had to, if he didn't destroy Cummins it would have looked pretty bad. Now his name is still in title contention and I'd say hes just one win away from that precious title shot. I'd like to see the fight that we were supposed to see at UFC 170. I'd like to see Cormier fight Rashad Evans next. Its a great fight, it makes sense and I expect it will happen. Evans will be out for a while and some think DC won't wait around but I can see DC and Evans coaching a season of TUF together and then fighting at the end of the year. Cormier could also fight The Winner of Davis vs Johnson.


Cummins should fight Pokrajac - Reason: Patrick Cummins got his ass whooped, nobody was surprised. Props to him though for stepping up and fighting one of the best fighters in the world on very short notice. He'll get another fight in the UFC, Dana has already said this. His next fight will be against someone ranked much lower than DC. I'd like to see Cummins face Igor Pokrajac next. This fight makes a lot of sense to me both ranking wise and stylistically. I think it'd be a very fun fight. Cummins could also fight Robert Drysdale or Anthony Perosh.


MacDonald should fight The Winner of Condit vs Woodley - Reason: I was very pleased with Rory MacDonald's performance. He didn't play it safe like he has in many of his recent fights, he went after Maia and kicked the crap out of him. It was very impressive. It was a great fight and with a showing like that Rory put himself back into the title picture. I'd say he only needs one or two more wins to get a title shot. I'd like to see him face The Winner of Carlos Condit vs Tyron Woodley next. This fight could very well be a #1 contender fight and it makes too much sense not to happen. I love this fight and it makes a ton of sense. MacDonald vs Condit II, we'd finally get to see the rematch we've wanted to see for a long time and MacDonald vs Woodley would be a very interesting fight. I really hope this fight gets booked. MacDonald could also fight The Winner of Shields vs Lombard or Matt Brown.


Maia should fight Kampmann - Reason: Maia looked awesome in that first round but he gassed and couldn't really get Rory back down to the mat. He just got battered for the next ten minutes. I was surprised that Rory didn't finish him. I'm a big fan of Maia's, he was really close to a title shot a short time ago but now he has lost two in a row. I don't think he lost to Shields but he has that L on his record nonetheless. I want to see Maia get back in the win column soon. I'd like to see him face Martin Kampmann next. I like this fight a lot. I think it'd be a fun fight and I can see it happening. Maia could also fight Josh Koscheck or Mike Pierce.


Pyle should fight Silva - Reason: Mike Pyle looked fantastic. He dominated and really impressed me. He smashed Waldburger, it was brutal. Pyle's closing in on 40 but hes not fighting like it. I'd like to see Pyle fight Erick Silva next. I love this fight. It makes sense ranking wise and I think it'd be an awesome fight. Pyle could also fight Brandon Thatch or Ildemar Alcantara.


Waldburger should fight Thiago - Reason: Poor TJ Waldburger. This poor kid just can't catch a break. He got the piss beaten out of him and Herb Dean let him take more damage than he needed to. The fight should have been stopped about 5-10 seconds before it was. This is the second straight time Waldburger's fight has been stopped late. I can't help but feel for the guy. For some reason I thought he had lost more than two fights in a row and was thinking that he'd be getting cut but hes only lost two in a row and I think hes safe. I hope to see him win again soon. I'd like to see him fight Paulo Thiago next. This fight makes sense ranking wise and I think this is an interesting fight. Waldburger could also fight Siyar Bahdurzada or Robert Whittaker.


Thompson should fight High - Reason: Stephen Thompson is a lot of fun to watch. I figured this fight would be a back and forth war but it ended up being a one sided beatdown. Thompson hurt Whittaker a couple times standing, Whittaker was trying to recover but Thompson just kept landing bombs on him until the ref stepped in. Thompson's a world class Kickboxer and hes been working on his TDD and ground game. If he can stop guys from taking him down he will be a force at 170 lbs. I'd like to see Thompson fight Jason High next. This fight makes sense to me for a number of reasons. I like this fight ranking wise and I want to see Thompson face a grappler. High's a very good wrestler and we'd find out if Thompson's take down defense and ground game have improved much since the Matt Brown fight. Thompson could also fight Adlan Amagov or William Patolino.


Whittaker should fight Head - Reason: Whittaker got smashed. It sucks but he was fighting an amazing striker. I expect Whittaker to look great in his next fight. Hes dropped two in a row and I expect him to be fired up and look great in his next fight. I'd like to see Whittaker fight James Head next. This fight makes sense to me ranking wise and I think it'd be a great fight. Whittaker could also fight Pascal Krauss or TJ Waldburger.


Davis should fight Nunes - Reason: Alexis Davis looked very good in that fight. It was a close one but I thought she did enough to get the W. Shes on a good streak right now and I'd say shes one or two wins away from a title shot. I'd like to see her fight Amanda Nunes next. This fight make s a lot of sense to me, both ranking wise and stylistically. I think it'd be a great scrap. Davis and Nunes have faced each other in the past, they fought three years ago and Davis was the victor. I think its time for a rematch. Davis could also fight The Winner of Andrade vs Pennington or The Winner of Kaufman vs Baszler.


Eye should fight McMann - Reason: Jessica Eye fought hard and looked good but she didn't do enough to get the W. This loss shouldn't hurt her that much though. I'd like to see her face Sara McMann next. This fight makes a lot of sense ranking wise and I think it'd be a great fight. I think it'll happen. Eye could also fight Germaine de Randamie or The Loser of Tate vs Carmouche.


Assuncao should fight Rivera - Reason: Raphael Assuncao looked good. It wasn't an amazing performance but he dominated the fight. He needed to, hes one of the top Bantamweights in the world and hes very close to a title shot, he needed to dominate Munhoz. I wouldn't be shocked to see Aassuncao get a title shot next even though he just beat up some newcomer. Hes on a very impressive streak and there really isn't anyone else for Renan Barao to fight except for Dominick Cruz. If Cruz is able to fight then I think they'll make that fight next but if he isn't I think Assuncao will get a title shot. I do think they're going to try and make that Cruz/Barao fight next, I don't know if Cruz will be able to compete but I do believe they're trying to put that fight together finally. So I'd like to see Assuncao fight the guy he was supposed to face at UFC 170, Francisco Rivera. This would be a fantastic fight, it makes a ton of sense and I hope it gets re-booked.


Munhoz should fight Gibson - Reason: This was Pedro Munhoz's UFC debut and he looked alright. He was facing a Top 5 Bantamweight on short notice for his debut so it really couldn't have been a tougher debut. He lost but he lasted all three rounds with Assuncao, I was impressed by that. I expect him to get a much lower ranked opponent for his next fight. I'd like to see him face Cody Gibson next. I like this fight a lot. It makes sense ranking wise, they both lost on the same card. I can definitely see this fight getting booked. Munhoz could also fight Edwin Figueroa or Yves Jabouin.


Sterling should fight Camus - Reason: This was Alijamin Sterling's UFC debut and he had some hype going into this fight and I think people were expecting him to do a lot better than he did. I certainly wasn't blown away by him, it was a decent performance. I'd like to see him face Chico Camus next. I like this fight and it'll tell us a lot about this kid Sterling. Sterling could also fight Royston Wee or Russell Doane.


Gibson should fight Munhoz - Reason: This was Cody Gibson's UFC debut, it wasn't great but it wasn't terrible. I'd like to see him face another guy who lost on this card, Pedro Munhoz. I like this fight, it makes sense and I think it'd be a fun scrap. Gibson could also fight Edwin Figueroa or Yves Jabouin.


Makovsky should fight Moraga - Reason Zach Makovsky looked awesome. It was a great fight, both guys looked good but Makovsky just outclassed Sampo. It was a complete mixed martial arts clinic, his striking and grappling looked great. I was very impressed. I'd like to see Makovsky fight John Moraga next. I like this fight, its a bit of a step up for Makovsky but I think he can handle it. I think it'd be an absolute war and probably the FOTN. Makovsky could also fight Ian McCall or John Dodson.


Sampo should fight Lineker - Reason: Josh Sampo looked good. It was a good fight, Machovsky was just the better fighter that night. I expect Sampo to look great in his next fight. I'd like to see face John Lineker next. This fight makes sense and I think it'd be an awesome fight. Sampo could also fight Darren Uyenoyama or The Loser of Formiga vs Jorgensen.


Koch should fight Lauzon - Reason: Erik Koch looked fantastic. This was his first fight at 155 lbs inside the Octagon and he looked better than ever. His striking was sharp as always and when he had Oliveira hurt he never let him recover. He lit him up with some precise ground and pound, it was a thing of beauty. I'm very excited to see what he can do in this division, there are a ton of fun fights for him at 155. I think he is going to be very successful at Lightweight. I'd like to see Koch fight Joe Lauzon next. I like this fight a lot, I like it for a number of reasons. Koch was a Top 10-20 guy at 145lbs, I'd like to see him face someone in that range in his new weight class. I also like this fight stylistically, striker vs grappler fights always intrigue me. Koch could also fight Rustam Khabilov or Anthony Njokuani.


Oliveira should be cut. He has lost 4 out of his last 5 fights. I don't see how he doesn't get cut. He should go and work his way back up to the UFC. Win some fights in some smaller shows.


Chavez should fight Trinaldo - Reason: This was Ernest Chavez's UFC Debut, he took the fight on short notice and I think he did a pretty good job. He outgrappled Cedeno and landed some decent strikes on the feet. All in all it was a good performance. I'd like to see Chavez fight Francisco Trinaldo next. I like this fight, it makes sense to me ranking wise. Also I'd like to see Chavez face someone with a better ground game than Cedeno. Trinaldo would be a good test for him. Chavez could also fight Rodrigo Damm or Katsunori Kikuno.


Cedeno should fight Ronson - Reason: Yosdenis Cedeno was also making his UFC debut and he also took the fight on short notice. Cedeno's speed, striking and movement were very impressive but he just couldn't deal with the grappling skills of Chavez. Chavez was able to control Cedeno on the mat for a good amount of the first two rounds which is why I believe Cedeno lost the fight. Cedeno definitely showed his skills though and I believe he has a bright future inside the Octagon. I'd like to see Cedeno fight Jesse Ronson next. This fight makes sense to me ranking wise. I like this fight and I can see it happening. Cedeno could also fight Jon Tuck or Charlie Brenneman.

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