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Morning Report: Josh Thomson 'sick' over news of Anthony Pettis vs. Gilbert Melendez, wants Jose Aldo at lightweight

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

After contemplating retirement following his controversial loss to Benson Henderson at UFC on FOX 10, Josh Thomson is reinvigorated by news that UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis will now defend his title to Gilbert Melendez.

"It made me kind of sick to my stomach," Thomson told MMAjunkie Radio Monday. "I think it's a good chance I'll be back.

"I'm just a little upset, that's all. It just gets me re-motivated and focused on what needs to happen."

Spanning four years, Thomson famously completed a title trilogy with Melendez back in Strikeforce in 2012. Although he lost the split decision, Thomson remains firm in his belief he should have had his hand raised. Facing then champion Henderson in his promotional debut, Melendez dropped a split decision loss after five rounds at UFC on FOX 7 last April. Now, Melendez will face the man who spectacularly unseated Henderson for his second UFC title shot in just his third appearance.

"I'm happy for Gil that he got a good contract. I'm happy that Gil still is with the UFC," says Thomson. "It just gives me one more person to get through to get to the title. I'm just sick to my stomach that it should have been me there. [Melendez] got two title shots in the amount of time that I should have gotten one."

With the lightweight title picture on hold as Pettis heals from a torn PCL, Thomson, 35, isn't content to sit around waiting. He wants featherweight champion Jose Aldo, who had been gearing up to meet Pettis in a lightweight title clash before the UFC's plans shifted.

"Hopefully, there's a chance to welcome Jose Aldo to the lightweight division, and we'll make a case from there," says Thomson. "We'll see what happens."



Don't hold you breath. Cris Cyborg says Dana White will keep finding reasons not to sign her to the UFC and that he should take a look at his own promotion before throwing out steroid accusations.

More love for Dana. After being criticized by Dana White for his lack of finishes, Jose Aldo says he couldn't care less about pound-for-pound rankings. "The ranking is f--king useless, and I don't care about it or anything people put on (about it)."

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'Bum.' Chael Sonnen has more choice words for Wanderlei Silva and says he wanted their bout moved from Las Vegas to Brazil.

New JDS. Junior dos Santos believes he's just two to three wins away from facing Cain Velasquez for a fourth time.




Bellator Season 10 preview.


Seven years since Nick Diaz vs. Takanori Gomi. Also, can't forget the post-fight Diaz interview.

(HT to r/MMA)


Ricardo Lamas' UFC 169 fight week. (Part 2 here)


Conor McGregor's Facebook movie.


Randy Couture talking fighter pay, sponsorships and unions.


Brutal body shot KO.


Long watches.

[English subtitles] combate americas full episode: let the battle begin, episode 1

Joe Rogan Experience #458 - Campbell McLaren ("CEO of Combate Americas & Co-Creator of the UFC.")




The internet had some problems with Arianny.

and then...


I wanna dance.


Sound good?


Get well soon.


Weight check.


Omnipresent Punk.







Announced yesterday (Feb. 24 2014)

James Krause vs. Jamie Varner at UFC 173



Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via B Dane.

FightPass events & fighter sponsorships.

I made this comment on Luke Thomas' article entitled "Actually, fighter sponsorships are the UFC's problem." just wanted to repost it here, revised a little bit, and see what people think, and if i'm missing something.

These FightPass events are, for the most part, those events that used to be on FUEL TV. let's look at some of these old UFC on FUEL TV events, and their ratings. MMAMania has a good breakdown of the ratings for these events if you want to do a google, that's where i'm getting my information for this.

So in the 4 FUEL events (UFC on FUEL TV 7-10) that occurred in the first 6 months of 2013 prior to FUEL TV being no more, only #8 (Stann vs Wanderlei) did over 500k. now this event was live in Japan in the morning, so it could be shown live in primetime in the states, which is significant. #7 didn't crack 200k. #9 didn't crack 250k. #10 did a little over 300k. if we go back a little further, into 2012, the other 6 FUEL TV events peaked at 217k, and had a horrendous low of 88k for the Macau, China card, which aired live in the morning/afternoon in North America. if we compare FS1, or bigFOX, or PPV events, sure, the FightPass is a significant step down. but the cards on FightPass were for the most part not on those platforms. obviously there might be some overlap, the lines aren't necessarily clean between the FUEL, FX, FOX system, and the FS1, FOX, FightPass one. but given 2014 is expected to have the most events in UFC history, it's not unreasonable to assume that the FightPass events are either content that formerly would have been on FUEL, or all together new content.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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