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Lyoto Machida ‘felt like a hitman’ with extra bonus for defeating Tito Ortiz

Alexandre Loureiro, Inovafoto

Lyoto Machida has officially won six bonuses during his 17-fight UFC career, but an unofficial extra cash was handled personally by UFC president Dana White in 2008.

Dana White said in an interview to Los Angeles radio personality Big Boy that he "actually wrote (Machida) a personal check" for his unanimous decision win Tito Ortiz at UFC 84 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"He really did that," Machida told "I felt like a hitman getting money from the boss, but it was cool."

According to the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Machida made $100,000 for his win that night, but the Brazilian declined to reveal what number White wrote in that check.

"I won’t tell you how much he paid me," he said with a laugh, "but it was good money."

Machida controlled the whole fight against Ortiz, but almost tapped to a tight triangle from the former champion in the last minute.

"(White) said I was dominating the fight and out of a sudden (Ortiz) got me on that triangle," Machida said. "He said ‘s--t, I can’t believe it.’ He went crazy, but then I got out of it. So I guess he gave me a bonus because he was scared of that triangle (laughs)."

Ortiz left the UFC after losing to Machida in 2008, but returned to the promotion a year later. He went 1-5 under the UFC banner before announcing his retirement and being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2012.

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