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Nick Diaz would return for a title shot; Dana White not about to give him one

Esther Lin

LAS VEGAS -- Nick Diaz, who still insists he's retired, was a conspicuous presence backstage at UFC 170 on Saturday night.

But Dana White wasn't among those who got to have a meet-and-greet with the King of Stockton.

"I haven't even heard from Nick Diaz," White said Saturday. "Nick Diaz called and asked for tickets, I don't know. We haven't even heard from Nick Diaz."

Diaz told FOX Sports on Saturday that he would only return for a title shot. "I'm talking about a title shot here matchup," Diaz said. "Bottom line, I'm the only draw here."

But White didn't exactly sound like's ready to hand the former Strikeforce welterweight champ such a spot.

"It's not even worth talking about," White said. "He hasn't fought, he hasn't wanted a fight, he's not even in the conversation."

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