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Alistair Overeem vs. Frank Mir full fight video highlights

Watch Alistair Overeem vs. Frank Mir full fight video highlights from UFC 169's main event above, courtesy of ESPN.

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UFC 169 took place February 1, 2014 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Veteran heavyweight contenders Alistair Overeem (37-13, 1 NC) and Frank Mir (16-9) locked horns on the night's main card, which aired live on pay-per-view. Catch the video highlights above.

For more on Overeem's dominant win, check out the play-by-play by's Chuck Mindenhall.

Round 1: Dan Miragliotta is the referee for this meeting of heavyweight slabs. They touch them up. Mir moving forward, Overeem changing levels. Mir first to engage, an errant jab. Now he moves in again with a right. Overeem circling. Mir comes in, misses on right hand and Reem corrals him around the waist and forces him into the fence. Nothing much doing, and they separate. Mir back to center, Overeem moving. This time Overeem with a left hand that connects. Mir shrugs it off. Overeem with a right, and he grabs Mir as he lands it. Now he's coming to life! Big shot sends Mir reeling, and he falls down going backwards. Overeem on top of him instantly with follow-ups, and Mir recovers enough to slow him down. But Overeem still on top landing huge in-close shots, one, two, three. Crazy. Mir slowly gets back to his feet and the crowd lets out a roar. They tangle, but Overeem finally lets him free. Mir withstood a big moment there! Mir moves in, swings for the fences with a left but misses. He still has Overeem backing up. A little blood on the bridge of Mir's nose. Mir pulls guard, and Overeem is now nestled in his guard. He postures up and is weaving his arms through Mir's trying to get space. Mir clustering on him, and keeping him close. Now Overeem lands a couple of big hammerfists as Mir tried to fish out a leg. They are stalemated at the 10-second mark, and they stay that way, with Overeem in Mir's guard, as the round closes. MMA Fighting scores R1 10-9 for Overeem.

Round 2: Mir quickly to center. Overeem with hands low, the right hand at his thigh ready to be thrown. Mir with a leg kick without mustard, and as Mir comes in Overeem tosses him to the floor like a rag doll. Wow. Mir back up, and Overeem grabs him and drives him into the fence, with his head ramming into Mir's neck. Mir controls Overeem's wrist as they stagnate there, and Miragliotta with a quick separation. As they come back to the middle this time it's Mir with the takedown along the fence, and the crowd lets up a roar. Mir grabs Overeem's neck! He tries for a guillotine, but Overeem pops out and now he's on top. Crazy exchange, and maybe a little too exuberant of Mir. Sweat played a factor, too. Overeem on top in side control, and he's once again dropping those big paws down on Mir, who is tangling his limbs up to keep things suffocated. Reem now bringing his knees into the equation, long knees to Mir's thighs, and Mir spins around on his back. They are on fence, Overeem landing in-close shots from the top, Mir clinging and rotating. Little elbow drops from Overeem into Mir's abdomen. Finally he stands up, and he wants to lunge into Mir. He is waiting for the chance, as Mir sits Miragliotta stands Mir up, to the crowd's satisfaction. Mir moves in from center, and Overeem slams home a leg kick as the round ends. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Overeem, 10-9 (20-18 overall).

Round 3: Not a lot of people thought this fight was destined for the scorecards, but it might make it. Mir back to center as Overeem peddles backwards. Both me slow to engage. Mir cutting Overeem's angle, and now Overeem just overpowers Mir to the floor and is right back into Mir's guard. Again, Mir grabs him tight. Overeem stands up and allows Mir to get up. But, right as they begin anew, Overeem takes Mir down again, and this time has a better vantage in side control. More of the same. Shots from Overeem to Mir's midsection. There's a big left hand to the supine Mir's chin. A rare blast with a little space on the ground from Overeem. That drew the crowd in for a moment. Mir doing a good job of tying up for the most part, though, but he isn't having any offensive moments of his own from his back. Overeem is using his hulk to keep Mir helpless. Crowd beginning to let the fighters know they aren't entirely amused. Overeem with some shoulder strikes, and a couple of hammerfists, but there's not much behind them. Blood continues to stream down Mir's face. It might be in his right eye a little bit, as he gets up wiping it. His face is a mess. Now Overeem, back on the feet, is sizing him up. Mir, for his part, just glanced at the clock. He's now in real danger of losing his fourth in a row. Fight coming to a close. Overeem has this thing under control. They circle and trade isolated shots, but it should be Overeem's fight. MMA Fighting scores R3, 10-9 for Overeem (30-27 overall)

UFC 169 official results: Alistair Overeem def. Frank Mir via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

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