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UFC 169 bonuses: Abel Trujillo claims Knockout, Fight of the Night honors


There were twelve fights on the card, but only one bout at UFC 169 did enough to earn any post-fight bonuses. In the opening bout on the UFC 169 main card, UFC lightweights Jamie Varner earned Fight of the Night honors for their incredibly back and forth contest. Trujillo, the victor in their contest, also earned the Knockout of the Night awards for the way in which he put Varner away.

Both fighters earned $75,000 for their Fight of the Night bonus, but Trujillo earned an extra $50,000 for his Knockout of the Night, bringing his total to $125,000 not including his contractually-based earnings.

Trujillo, 30, had a full round of feeling out each other before things got hot in the second round. The crisper boxer in Varner began to connect with punches just as the round kicked off, controlling the Octagon and open space. Most notably, though, a right hand rocked the Blackzillian and had him backing and covering up against the fence trying to survice. Varner pushed forward trying to find the right strike or series combinations as Trujillo, clearly hurt and wounded, backed up and absorbed a number of unanswered punches both to the body and head.

Varner, 29, made a mistake as he tried to find a way to put Trujillo away, leaving his hands down on the clinch break. Trujillo, still reeling, slung a right hand over the top just at the moment Varner's hands were down, a blow so potent it sent the American crashing face first to the mat.

From there, the bout was stopped quickly, registering at 2:32 of the second round. Trujillo moves to 12-5 in MMA with 1 no-contest while Varner slides to 21-9-1 with 2 no-contests.

UFC 169 took place at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

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