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Morning Report: Chris Leben apologizes for tweets blasting UFC, citing grief

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

It's been a bit of a rough past month for former UFC middleweight Chris Leben. Aside from transitioning away from fighting and dealing with that shift in identity, Leben also revealed that much of his winnings earned throughout his career were squandered on illegal drugs. After telling Ariel Helwani his time fighting in the UFC had 'been a fantastic, wonderful ride' lacking regrets, Leben's tone changed Sunday in a single tweet.


Emotional and dealing with the death of his pet dog, Leben sounded anything but satisfied with how his days of fighting had left him. Whether or not and to what extent fighters should receive longterm physical and mental health coverage is another debate, but it speaks volumes to have a stalwart like Leben speak so ill of his experience just weeks removed.

Even so, Leben later removed the tweet, citing the loss of his dog for the outburst. The UFC was also quick to respond privately to Leben.

It's easy to dismiss emotional comments from emotional people, but this instance asks some larger questions. For the sake of their business, it's something the UFC is sure to try to resolve.



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Miguel Torres fought this weekend. Meh.


Long watches.

UFC Fight Night 36; Machida vs. Mousasi 6th Round post-fight commentary



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Victory lap.


Better luck next time.

(I'm sorry, I was done with no good place. Is a complete defeat. I will start over.)


Congrats to the new Invicta signees.


But is this a new pic?


Uncle Creepy seems cool with it.


That's a tough brother assignment.



Announced this weekend (Feb. 14-16 2014)

Clay Guida vs. Tatsuya Kawajiri at UFC Fight Night 39



Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via Da Headbanger.

What We NOW Know About UFC Fight Night 36 Main Card... and What Should NOW Be Done

Try to keep your cool fight fans. Two weeks after the UFC set a record with 10 decisions at an event at UFC 169, they end up getting 10 decisions at UFC Fight Night 36. Dana White was cranky enough (probably an understatement) after UFC 169, I'm sure that he is just a bit more peeved this time around. Out of those 10 decisions, only one was a real stinker and most offered some pretty good action. Could the event have been better. Well... yeah. And some finishes certainly would have helped with that sentiment. So was the event a disaster? Hell no! Quit concentrating on what wasn't there and pay attention to what was there.

The biggest development to come out of Fight Night 36 is Lyoto Machida walked away with a victory and as a result should get a middleweight title shot as Dana White said he would likely get if he won. White has been known to promise those before only to rescind them and has done so to Machida before. So we'll have to wait and see how that development plays out. I could see White pulling it back due to the fact Machida didn't get a finish, but Machida did go for some kill shots that just didn't do the trick and dominated the fight. There is no good reason Machida shouldn't get next.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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