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UFC Fight Night 36 Undercard Live Blog: Marcello vs. Proctor, More

Cristiano Marcello faces Joe Proctor in the UFC Fight Night 36 undercard headliner Saturday.
Cristiano Marcello faces Joe Proctor in the UFC Fight Night 36 undercard headliner Saturday.
Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC Fight Night 36 undercard live blog for the UFC Fight Night 36 event at the Arena Jaragua in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil.

There will be seven fights on the UFC Fight Night 36 undercard. Cristiano Marcello vs. Joe Proctor, Rodrigo Damm vs. Ivan Jorge, Francisco Trinaldo vs. Jesse Ronson, Iuri Alcantara vs. Wilson Reis, Felipe Arantes vs. Maximo Blanco, Ildemar Alcantara vs. Albert Tumenov, and Douglas Silva de Andrade vs. Zubaira Tuhugov will be featured on the prelims.

Check out the UFC Fight Night 36 undercard below.

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Douglas Silva de Andrade vs. Zubaira Tuhugov
Round 1: Big ovation for the 28-year old Andrade as he entered. Even bigger one for Burce Buffer. Osiris de Medeiros is the referee. Here we go. Tuhugov the taller fighter. Andrade is staying on the outside, looking for an opening as the crowd starts up into a loud chant. Finally Tuhugov attempts a kick, and Adrade whizzes a counter by his nose. Tuhugov in the center. First leg kick from Adrade lands, and the crowd lets up a roar. And another. Adrade comes in like he wanted to kick, but thought better of it. Tuhugov slow to do much early; he's sizing up. And boom Tuhugov scores a quick takedown, but Adrade jumps right back up. Adrade whiffs on a leg kick. Tuhugov very patient. He's still holding the center, with Adrade circling. Wow, Tuhugov lands a spinning backfist, which might have made most contact with Adrade's forearms. Tuhugov being very selective on offense. He moves in for a knee, but nothing doing. Now Adrade moves forward and lunges for a punch, and it's Tuhugov who lands a big counter left hook. Adrade now bleeding from the eye and nose. And the referee calls time to have the doctors take a look at the cut. Doctor takes very brief look and say, 'fine.' We're back at it. Again Tuhugov tries a spinning backfist, this time misses, but he lands a double-leg takedown and goes to work on Andrade inside of a minute. Good ground and pound there, but Adrade back up. He's feeling it now, a little unsteady on his feet. The round ends with Tuhugov in control. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Tuhugov, 10-9.

Round 2: Looks like they've temporarily staved off the bleeding on Andrade's eye. Tuhugov right back to center, and Andrade circles. Again, Andrade with a leg kick to get rolling. Tuhugov then lands one to Andrade's body, which hurt. Spinning kick lands from Tuhugov now. He's finding a home for the dervish stuff. Andrade definitely a little more wary of coming in. He's been getting caught when he does. There's a good exchange with Tuhugov landing the better shots, and then again along the fence. Now they lock up and center, and Andrade able to spin out of a takedown attempt. Andrade breathing pretty heavily. Commentators saying it's very hot in the building, which might be taking a toll. The whole fight has seen Tuhugov hold court from the middle of the cage. Andrade changing levels and tries to combination, the second punch might have gotten through. Now as Andrade tries a spinning backfist himself, Tuhugov takes him down — almost like a tackling dummy. Andrade right back up. Andrade lands a nice spinning punch there, just as Tuhugov deked one himself. Interesting exchange. Tuhugov one more spinning backfist. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Tuhugov, 10-9 (20-18 overall)

Round 3: Clearly Andrade is down, we'll see if he comes out with urgency here, needing a finish. Once again Tuhugov right back to the middle of the cage. This time Tuhugov initiates the action, moves forward with a one-two. Now he knocks Andrade back with a body kick, once again. Good precision stuff there from the Czech fighter. Andrade comes forward and lands a counter shot, and then clinches up and they exchange. Wow. Andrade might have gotten the best of that little skirmish, landing a couple of in-close shots. Tuhugov seems to be slowing now, standing back and coasting here. With Andrade hesitating to come in, the fight is hitting some slow pockets. A lot of range stuff, though. Isolated shots. Halfway through the final round, and Andrade looks like he might not have a lot left. Tuhugov moves forward with a combination, and lands a couple of punches right down the pipe. Superman punch from Andrade, but he gets blasted with a counter. Now Tuhugov comes in with a double-leg attempt, but Andrade sprawls nicely and fends him off. Tuhugov finally does get him down as he snatches his back, and in the scramble Andrade momentarily was on top of him. He landed a couple of shots but they are back up. Another spinning backfist from Tuhugov, very audible, which means it probably hit the gloves. That's it. Looks like a clean victory for Tuhugov, who picked apart the Brazilian and controlled the fight. Good stuff considering he was a late replacement for Thiago Tavares. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Tuhugov, 10-9 (30-27 overall).

UFC Fight Night 36 official results: Zubaira Tuhugov def. Douglas Silva de Andrade via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27)

Ildemar Alcantara vs. Albert Tumenov
Round 1: Referee for this one is Keith Peterson. Alcantara with the height advantage, and five inches in reach. The 22-year old Tumenov making his debut. Here we go. They touch them up. Alcantara holds the middle, and as Tumenov comes in he counters with a kick, which Tumenov catches. Tumenov going for the body early. Swings a right in there. Alcantara lifting his leg as to kick, but hesitates. Now Tumenov lands a left hand and Alcantara goes down momentarily. Right back up, and now it's Alcantara who takes Tumenov down. Almost as immediately, the Russian reverses and ends up on top. Wow. Furious sequence there. Now Tumenov is landing elbows on Alcantara, through guard. Alcantara is not trying to tie up, and now he's eating big shot after big shot. Tumenov is teeing off. Alcantara might be in trouble. The punches are coming in streams, hard ones, short ones. Tumenov relentless. Alcantara just trying to survive, fishing out the wrists for control, but Tumenov is still teeing off. Now Tumenov postures up, and again lands a couple of big shots. Alcantara finally able to come back up. Tumenov is bleeding on the temple. Alcantara times out a takedown, and dumps Tumenov down. Now the Brazilian goes to work in his guard, but unlike the reverse, Tumenov is tying up Alcantara's limbs, not giving him room. Big right hand from Alcantara just as he passes guard and the round ends. That gets the crowd up, but that round belongs to Tumenov. MMA Fighting scores R1 10-9 for Tumenov.

Round 2: Round two, crowd into it. Knee from Alcantara, and that ends in an exchange as Tumenov caught it. Both land, and now they tussle across the cage and into the fence, Alcantara pushing Tumenov along the links. He drags the Russian down by the waist, and he moves into half guard. With the crown of his head on Tumenov's chin, he is landing elbows and coming on strong. It looks like Tumenov is gasping for air here. Tide is definitely turning. Tumenov ties up Alcantara, and holds him near. But Alcantara keeps rolling, and now has Tumenov's back. As Tumenov rolls over, he gets his back. But just as quickly, perhaps because of the slipperiness that the blood is producing, he stands back up. They go right back on the fence. Again, Alcantara manhandling Tumenov on the fence, wrapping his body up and trying to drag him down. Peterson doesn't see enough activity, so he brings them back to the middle. Once there, Alcantara shoots in and drops Tumenov on his back. Right back into ground and pound mode. It's all Alcantara here in the second, and he sets to elbows from close range. One, two, they land on the bridge of the Russian's nose. Tumenov ties up, but Alcantara's landing elbows and punches each time he creates space...which is frequently. The round is going to end with Alcantara on top bludgeoning Tumenov, who is bleeding profusely. The doctor rushes out to hold a rag to his cut. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Alcantara, 10-9 (19-19 overall).

Round 3: Should be tied here heading to third. Tumenov quickly to center. Alcantara comes in with kick, and eats a counter punch. Punches of slows a little here. Alcantara working the jab, though, and the Russian is walking through them. He counters nicely off a jab, and now Tumenov comes up top with a kick, which Alcantara blocks. Body kick from Alcantara lands, but once again Tumenov catches the foot after impact and spins him off. Tumenov lands a nice shot just as Alcantara came in for a takedown, which made him back out in a hurry. That one hurt. Alcantara back to jabbing and using range, keeping Tumenov on length. Tumenov comes inside with a leg kick, and then follows that up with a spinning backfist. Alcantara snapping jabs off, and Tumenov hammers him with an inside leg kick. Tumenov with his hands low, and eats another jab. Alcantara strafing the Russian from a distance, and Tumenov is forced to wade in and try to create offense. Inside of a minute to go, Alcantara changes levels and tries for a takedown. Tumenov stuffs it. Looked like Tumenov could have taken Alcantara down there, but didn't have the gas. Lot of blood on his features. They come together in the middle, Alcantara with a kick, and Tumenov with a punch. It ends that way, and Alcantara took a victory lap as the horn sounds. His arms in the air. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Alcantara, 10-9 (29-28 overall for Alcantara).

UFC Fight Night 36 official results: Ildemar Alcantara def. Albert Tumenov via split decision (29-29, 28-29, 30-27)

Felipe Arantes vs. Maximo Blanco
Round 1: Crowd heartily booed the Venezuelan fighter Blanco as he made his way to the cage. And of course showered cheers on Sao Paulo's own Arantes. Referee is Mario Yamasaki. They touch them up. Blanco wastes no time and comes forward, swinging wildly. Arantes slips out of the way, and gamely returns fire. Arantes with a body kick. Blanco pressuring early, but Arantes spins him up against the fence and subdues the torrent with a clinch. They separate and back to center they go. Blanco comes in again, high low, changing levels and throwing hands and legs, and then at the end he snaps up Arantes's legs and dumps him on his back. Great aggressiveness there from Blanco. Now Blanco, in half guard, planting his shoulder into Arantes' face. Arantes tries for reversal, and able to get up. Now they are swinging! Arantes comes in with superman punch, and the crowd loves it. He is throwing bombs, and Blanco returning fire. Pace was maddening, but now Blanco cools it and spins back to the center and resets. Several big body shots, uppercuts from Blanco, and just when it looks like he's hurt Arantes returns fire on the fence, and connects with a heater. Arantes moves forward now, and spinning kick lands. Big sweeping leg kick from Arantes is errant. Blanco bobbing and inviting Arantes in. And here he comes, and lands a HUGE right hand on Blanco. Drops him! And Arantes comes in for the kill. Tries for a choke, can't get it, then ground and pound. Now going for and armbar. Wow! Round closing out just as Arantes comes to life. Crazy round! That new Performance of the Night award already has some contestants. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Arantes, 10-9.

Round 2: That pace was so furious, we'll see if they can keep it up. Blanco moving in, just as in the first. He wants to initiate. He kicks Arantes leg out from him, and down goes the Brazilian. Blanco follows into his guard, and now working elbows into his midsection. Blanco twice picks up Arantes and slams him down as the Brazilian flirts with a triangle. Now he lets Arantes back up to his feet, and right back to center. Blanco holding his hands low, dangling by his waist. Arantes grabs Blanco's leg and rides him into the fence. He lets go and resets. Arantes with an uppercut that slams home. Blanco with a body shot, and now he's switching from southpaw to orthodox. Blanco is constantly changing. High-low combination from Arantes, and he breaks from that with a head kick that smack into Blanco's forehead. They tie up and throw from in-close, a couple of uppercuts. Blanco rushes in for a double-leg and gets Arantes down in the middle of the cage. Blanco posturing up, and finally able to deploy some elbows. Nothing much getting through clean, as Arantes holds him tight. As the action stagnates, Yamasaki stands them up. Arantes lands a counter as Blanco throws a shot. Round ends there. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Blanco, 10-9 (19-19)

Round 3:
Blanco quickly out, and moving forward with shots. He goes low with a body shot, and Arantes works a combination, making the follow-ups count. Nice one-off hook from Arantes, and boom -- Blanco nails Arantes with a groin shot that sends a groan up through Brazil. Referee steps in to give Arantes some time to recover. It was a right kick right into the groin, very audible. Wow. Yamasaki, after surveying the situation, docks a point from Blanco. That could sway a close fight. They get back at it. Big spinning wheel kick from Blanco but Arantes able to peel back out of it. Blanco gets a takedown, and immediately Arantes goes for an armbar! It looks close for a minute, got the crowd into it, but slips out. Arantes tries for an omoplata, but Blanco is coolly going about fending off these attempts from the top. They stand up, and Arantes grabs him on fence, grabs his legs and dumps him on his rear. Blanco glances at the clock, as he absorbs some close shots. Blanco able to create space with butterfly guard and jump back onto his feet. Arantes again comes in for a double-leg, and Blanco sprawls. Arantes, perhaps feeling in control after the point deduction, playing it close. He's sticking to Blanco like glue. Yamasaki, who was leaning in looking, separates them. Blanco, now free, springs forward and headhunting. Arantes avoids damage and runs the Venezuelan back into the fence. They separate and have one last exchange as the horn sounds. MMA Fighting, with the point deduction, scores R3 10-8 for Arantes (29-27 overall)

UFC Fight Night 36 official results: Felipe Arantes def. Maximo Blanco via unanimous decision (29-27, 29-27, 29-27)

Iuri Alcantara vs. Wilson Reis

Round 1: They hustled the fighters in after that last one. Referee is Osiris de Medeiros. They touch gloves, and Alcantara takes the center. Reis lands the better of an exchange, and now as Alcantara goes to the ground, goes to work — mad scramble, both transitioning, and it's Alcantara on top. He lands some big shots from the top, and jumps down into Reis' half guard. Alcantara keeping pressure on, but Reis able to turn a small window into a stand-up. As Alcantara gets Reis down, Reis with a sweep, and now he's in Alcantara's guard. Immediately into half guard. As he keeps pressure on, referee stands them up. That was quick. Very quick. Lot of movement from both guys, particularly Reis, who is bobbing side to side and throws a nice hook that connects. Reis bulls Alcantara into the fence like a wrestler, and Alcantara bides his time before moving out. Alcantara, as they hit center of the cage, lands a nice right hand that drops Reis. Brief scramble there, and they return to center. Furious action. Just as Alcantara comes in with a knee, Reis tackles him on the fence. Timed it out perfectly. Alcantara back up, and now it's Alcantara who scores a takedown. What crazy back and forth action. Very close round, hard to score. But... MMA Fighting scores R1 for Reis, 10-9.

Round 2: They come in, and Alcantara caught Reis with a huge shot that drops him! Now Alcantara moving in for the finish, but Reis recovers! Wow. Reis now on top, and moves into mount. These scrambles are happening faster than any mortal man can type. Reis postures up and lands a sally of big punches from the top position. Alcantara in some trouble here. Again, a scramble as Alcantara is patient. He reverses and now he's working Reis, from Reis's guard. Hammerfists from Alcantara, as Reis ties up on Alcantara's midsection. Alcantara posturing up and creating space, and Reis trying to keep Alcantara's wrists controlled. Finally Reis able to stand back up and he then takes Alcantara in turn. It's back and forth, back and forth. Reis pressuring Alcantara with his head into the chin, and he's teeing off with punches. One, two, three. The round ends with Reis on top landing punches. Again, close round. MMA scores R2 for Alcantara, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

Round 3:
Third round sees a slowing of action, as Alcantara holds the center. This fight could be tied, could be 20-18 for either's been that kind of fight. Reis circling. Left hand lands from Alcantara, and that hurt Reis, who winces and peels away. Even still, Reis is bouncing and moving forward. He's looking for an opening. Reis comes in and tries for a double-leg on the fence. He holds it long enough that as Alcantara tries to push out, he tackles him mid-cage, and now Alcantara scoots to the cage. Reis with ground and pound, working his left hand. Again, Alcantara is keeping things air tight. Reis turns Alcantara around and continues to land. Reis frustrating Alcantara, and as he gets a little room he starts landing some big shots. Alcantara can't get up, and continues to eat punches. Alcantara finally able to stand up, and they stay tied up as they roll along the fence. Alcantara has Reis posted up and, after a knee, scores a trip and puts Reis on the ground. Good punches from Alcantara as the fight comes to and end. Crazy round, crazy fight—and could go either way. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Reis, 10-9 (29-28 overall for Reis)

UFC Fight Night 36 results: Yuri Alcantara def. Wilson Reis via split decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)

Francisco Trinaldo vs. Jesse Ronson
Round 1: With all these decisions, they are hurrying things along. Referee Keith Peterson. We're underway. They touch gloves. The Canadian Ronson takes the center, and the longer Trinaldo circles. Leg kick from Ronson, followed by a push kick from Trinaldo. A little feel out session early. Leg kick from Trinaldo, and Ronson returns with a body punch. So far, isolated shots. Nice combination from Ronson, coming in with hands and ending with a body kick. Trinaldo working Ronson's legs, tenderizing them with kicks. Liver shot from Ronson. Ronson again moves in with a combo, and Trinaldo covers up and absorbs the shots through his arms. Ronson still the aggressor though. Finally Trinaldo digs in and fires off a series of shots. He's landing at will, right and then left. Again. Now he gets in the Thai plum and is trying to fire off a knee, but Ronson is defending, and the Canadian turns tables by trying for takedown. Can't get it. Back to center. Uppercut lands from Trinaldo, nice shot. Ronson working knees, but again Trinaldo with the clinch. Ronson with an inside leg kick that sort of wobbled Trinaldo there. Trinaldo loses his balance after an exchange and hits the deck. He bounces back up, and circles. Whoa — just as Ronson moved in Trinaldo tried for a spinning wheel kick that narrowly missed. Left hand from Trinaldo to end round. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Trinaldo, 10-9.

Round 2: They touch gloves again. Ronson to center, and Trinaldo sizing him up on outside. Leg kick from Ronson. Good combination from Ronson, punch up top then head kick. Ronson continues to pivot through middle. Push kick from the Canadian got through. Trinaldo bobbing and weaving, and works a combination. And exchange of elbows on the fence, and they roll back to space. Ronson gets in quick with a shot, and Trinaldo lets a wild overhand right fly that misses. Seems like Ronson's seeing the striking game of Trinaldo a little better in this round, as he's slipping punches. He's also countering well. Momentary takedown from Trinaldo, but Ronson right back up; Good head movement from Ronson again, as Trinaldo comes in with a combination. Wheel kick from Ronson lands, not flush. Trinaldo ties up the Canadian on the fence. The action has slowed, perhaps more to Ronson's pace and favor. Good knee from Ronson. Right as the round comes to a close, Trinaldo trips Ronson down to the ground. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Ronson, 10-9 (19-19)

Round 3: They stand and trade right at center in the third. Looked like Trinaldo got the better of it. Ronson has been ar rock throughout though, standing his ground. Ronson sneaks a right hand past, which Trinaldo eats. Ronson telegraphs an uppercut, but it gets through. Ronson setting up his shots, as Trinaldo looks a little gassed. Ronson's corner calling for body shots, and he obliges with a right hand into Trinaldo's sternum. Ronson's not exactly picking Trinaldo apart, but he's steadily wearing him down. Big overhand right from Trinaldo hits Ronson on the shoulder, and Ronson in turn lands a right hand. Another exchange, with Ronson landing the right jab. Trinaldo finally comes in and works for takedown, and able to grab Ronson's back. Ronson isn't down, though, and they slide over to fence, Trinaldo on him the whole way. Knees from Trinaldo incoming, landing both to Ronson's thigh and ribs. They break. Ronson stalks Trinaldo down and engages on fence, both men swinging and missing. Trinaldo goes from a double leg, which ended up on Ronson's hips, but he dumps him down. That's how the round ends. Tough, tough round to score. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Trinaldo (29-28 overall)

UFC Fight Night 36 official decision: Francisco Trinaldo def. Jesse Ronson via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Rodrigo Damm vs. Ivan Jorge

Round 1: Referee is Mario Yamasaki. They touch them up. Jorge comes rolling forward winging punches, and Damm back peddles. Leg kick from Jorge, lands loudly. Damm content on outside, circling and searching for an opening. Jorge is still the aggressor. Comes in and works the lead leg with a kick, follows that up with a right. Damm able to connect on a left counter that served as a reminder not to get overly incautious to Jorge. Damm waving his left hand out there, sets up a hard right hand which lands flush. Nevertheless, Jorge comes flying in with a combination and again lands a couple of solid shots. Good exchange at middle of the cage. Looked like Damm clipped him on the inside as Jorge was coming around with his hands outside. Jorge with a head kick attempt, and he eats some chin music from Damm's right hand. That halted him for a moment. Damm, with his stance reclined, lands a couple of shots on Jorge. Jorge retaliates. Nice shot, and then a counter when Damm came in. Lot of exchanges there in the first round, and it looked like Jorge got the better of them. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Jorge, 10-9.

Round 2:
They touch gloves. Dammn working the outside with his almost slap-like punches. Jorge steady in the pocket, and as he changes levels he lands a good right hand, and now a body kick. Damm holds the center, at least for a moment, as not he rolls. Looks like Jorge took an finger in the eye, and Yamasaki halts the action. Not surprising, as it seems like many of Damm's shots are open-palmed, with his fingers splayed. Replay shots a swiping motion from Damm caught Jorge's eye. Back at it. Jorge comes in with an uppercut, and grazes Damm. Now it looks like Damm took a finger in the eye. And the crowd reacts as Yamasaki again halts the action. Warnings are issued, and we're back at it. Combination from Damm, as he powers home a right hand. Jorge again able to get off on his own, and after a combination he slams a knee into Damm's chin. He circles out. Damm crouches down and throws a shot to Jorge's body, now a right hand. Good looking stuff. Jorge with a left cross. Lunging uppercut from Damm misses, and both guys take turns throwing errant punches in volume. Straight stand-up action, almost no threat of a takedown either way. Damm backing down Jorge on fence, and he comes in with a right, and when that misses, plants the left. Good flurry. Jorge is bleeding under his right eye. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Damm, 10-9 (19-19 overall)

Round 3: Jorge's face definitely showing the fight more than Damm's as we enter the final round. Yamasaki brings them together, and here we go. Damm grabs a Jorge kick, and spins him down to the ground. Right away, as the fight moves to the ground for the first time, Jorge gets him into a crucifix. Now as they adjust, Jorge has a D'arce choke locked in, and Damm is rolling. it's deep, but Damm has his arm in to keep the air supply. Damm able to stand back up. Damm shoots in half-heartedly, but nothing doing. Damm slams a knee into the rib cage of Jorge just as Jorge moves in for a combo. Damm trying for a kimura, and he spins Jorge to the ground via a somersault. Wow. Jorge back up and presses Damm up to the fence as the pace picks up. Urgency on both sides right now. Jorge trying for a takedown on fence, but can't get it. Damm has his arms down as he moves out. He's winded. Jorge attacking the lead leg, but he's not all that steady on his feet either. They stand in and throw at the center of the cage, Damm's punches ranging swipers that are Diaz-esque. Damm with a kick that catches Jorge in the groin, and the action is stopped. Yamasaki checks on Jorge, who needs only a few moments to recover. He warns Damm. Back to it. Jorge with a single-leg attempt, and Damm hits him with a series of in-punches to punish him. Back to center. Both guys bleeding. Jorge with a jab, and again snatches a single-leg but Damm spins away. Big left from Jorge off a break, and Damm's face is a mess. Both guys on fumes as the round ends. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Damm, 10-9 (29-28 overall)

UFC FIght Night 36 official results: Rodrigo Damm def. Ivan Jorge via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Cristiano Marcello vs. Joe Proctor
Round 1: Referee on the seventh prelim tonight is Osiris de Medeiros. These guys are familiar with one another from TUF. Boston's Proctor with a leg kick to the thigh. Right hand from Proctor, and now he's trying for a standing guillotine, to no avail. Marcello turns him along the fence, and locks him up. They toil on the fence. Marcello with the takedown, but at his own hazard as Proctor snatches the neck and tries for a guillotine. He holds it for a few seconds, but Marcello  pops out. Now Marcello is landing shots to the prone Proctor's side. Proctor, wanting off his back, tries to push Marcello off with his leg. Marcello jumps back down into guard, and now half guard. Proctor holding onto Marcello's neck, showing solid defense. Against Marcello stands up and looks for a window to land something big, while Proctor looks for upkicks. Instead Marcello jumps back into Proctor's guard. Backhand from Marcello. Marcello grabs Proctor's leg, and torques, trying for a leg lock — it looks deep, and Proctor winces, but he gets away. They stand and return to center. Proctor smiles. Proctor lands a right hand, and once again grabs Marcello's neck and is trying to choke out Marcello standing. Can't. They separate, and Proctor goes flying by with a right hand. Doesn't land. MMA Fighting scores R1 for Marcello, 10-9.

Round 2: Proctor's corner asking him to let his hands go between rounds, want him to land that right. We'll see if he listens. Proctor comes up top with a kick, but it doesn't connect flush. He stalks Marcello down, but then backs up. Leg kick from Proctor. Body kick from Marcello, but no follow-up. There's the right hand, thrown twice in succession from Proctor, but both times Marcello makes him miss. Marcello momentarily grabs a leg, and Proctor was tempted to try another guillotine — but he lets it go instantaneously. Marcello moves in for high crotch, and goes for leg, but he can't budge Proctor this time. They are on fence, and Marcello gets the clinch. Here come some knees, and the second one sneaks through. Proctor, on the break, lands two very stinging right hands, the first one which hurt. That was what Proctor's corner wanted, and he's getting the better of Marcello on the feet in general. Proctor feeling better about things, and landing more confidently. Marcello with his hands pretty low. Proctor with another right hand, telegraphed, but it lands. Uppercut there from Proctor, and Marcello eats it then rolls out. Proctor working the jab and setting up his right hand. Spinning backfist from Proctor at the end there. All Proctor that round, as the crowd voices its displeasure. MMA Fighting scores R2 for Proctor, 10-9 (19-19 overall).

Round 3: Final round. The friends come out and meet at center, and Proctor lands a huge right hand — now another. That one rocked Marcello, who covers up. He goes down for a moment, but Proctor lets him back up No movement from Marcello right now, and no sooner do I say that than Marcello lands a big shot. He's not done yet. Proctor with a right, and again Marcello backs up. Crowd booing. Proctor solely going to the right hand. He lets it fly, brings it back, recoils, and throws it again. Marcello comes over top with a right hand, and that lands. Both guys still with some mustard on their punches, though Proctor's are landing more regularly. Marcello has eaten a lot of punches. Proctor with a big sequence, lands a number of right hands and a left. That put Marcello on skates for a moment, looked like he might be in trouble, but he recovers. Still, Proctor landing. More volume, this time on the fence. Marcello has a chin. He is taking Proctor's worst, and living to tell about it. But he has almost no offense to offer. He tries a takedown, but it's feeble, and he eats another punch for the effort. Proctor's fight now. He comes in again, leading with the left but stinging him with his money hand, that big right. Crisp stuff from Proctor. From second round on he was landing that right hand. Marcello takes a glance up at the clock, and the fight ends. MMA Fighting scores R3 for Proctor, 10-9 (29-28 overall for Proctor).

UFC Fight Night 36 official results: Joe Proctor def. Cristiano Marcello via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28)

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