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Lyoto Machida unconcerned with Gegard Mousasi's karate preparation

Wander Roberto/UFC

JARAGUA DO SUL, Brazil -- Gegard Mousasi may want a decisive win over Lyoto Machida, but he should know that the Brazilian veteran isn’t the same fighter he used to be.

Machida and Mousasi headline UFC Fight Night 36 card in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil, on Feb. 15, and "The Dragon" warns Mousasi that he may try to finish him like Jon Jones and Mauricio Rua did in the past, but that it’s not happening again.

"I’ve changed a lot since those fights," Machida said during a media day in Brazil. "If he’s focused on the past, he must know I’ve changed a lot over the past couple years.

"My style is the same, but I always bring new things to my game, and that’s what MMA is all about."

Machida and Mousasi are both technical strikers, but the Brazilian doesn’t plan to waste opportunities to finish the fight.

"If I see an opening, I’ll attack," said Machida, who knocked out Mark Munoz in his last fight. "It’s a smart game, for sure. No one wants to make a mistake because he will have to pay for it. I’m ready to make no mistakes in this fight."

Mousasi trained with former karate world champion Jaouad Ikan to get ready for "The Dragon", but Machida doesn’t think it will change the outcome of the bout.

"Maybe it did make a difference for him, but it’s hard to adapt to a style like mine in eight weeks," he said. "He can get better a little, but I’m not worried with that. I’m focused on my attacks and defenses, so I’m ready for anything he brings."

UFC president Dana White said Machida could earn a shot at the middleweight title with a big win on Saturday.

The Brazilian, who was promised that before his wins over Ryan Bader and Dan Henderson, believes in "the boss" the time.

"I do believe because he said I will (fight for the title next)," Machida said.

However, he already expects changes even if he pulls out an impressive win at UFN 36.

"That’s why I just think about the present," he added. "It doesn’t affect me much. Mousasi is the most important fight right now."

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