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Morning Report: Dana White says he wrote Lyoto Machida a personal check as a bonus for beating Tito Ortiz

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

UFC president Dana White's disdain for former light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz is no secret, but now White admits digging into his own pockets to help settle the score.

Speaking with Los Angeles radio personality Big Boy, White says he awarded Lyoto Machida an undisclosed bonus after defeating Tito Ortiz following their bout at UFC 84 in May 2008. Asked if he ever became personally interested in seeing a certain fighter lose in the UFC, White explained the situation with Ortiz.

"There's no doubt about it," said White. "Absolutely. I can tell you this. Tito Ortiz is that guy [I wanted to see] get his ass whooped. The only time in 13 years, all the fights we've ever done, Lyoto Machida beat Tito Ortiz, I actually wrote him a personal check.

"I literally bonused [sic] him myself."

While I guess it's encouraging the instance is more the exception than the rule, it's a bit odd to hear White talk about rewarding a fighter after beating another he has history with. On the other hand, it proves White's ability to put personal issues aside, as Ortiz went on to compete in the UFC six more times, scoring just a single win. So, fair or foul?



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Announced yesterday (Feb. 11 2014)

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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via T.P. Grant.

Condolences to Marcelo Garcia and family

As some of you in BJJ community may have heard, Marcelo and Tati Garcia's infant son Joey passed away today.

Official word came Josh Waitzkin, co-founder of the MG in Action website

"Dear MGA Family, I am heartbroken to say that Marcelo and Tati's beautiful little boy, Joey, passed away today. As you all know, Joey and his sister Olivia were born dangerously premature, after just under 24 weeks of pregnancy. They both endured unbelievable hardships, more than most of us will know in our lives, in their first four months on this earth. Such strong spirits. Heart surgeries, lung surgeries, intestinal surgeries, eye surgeries, infections, and they fought on. Thankfully Olivia is doing well, growing, almost 5 pounds now, and will hopefully be able to come home in weeks. Her resilience has been incredible. Poor Joey's heart gave out after a very complicated lung surgery. He died in peace, surrounded by love in Tati's arms, his dad right there beside him.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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