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Ex-wife accuses Thiago Silva of using cocaine: ‘He thinks he’s above the law’

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Thiago Silva’s ex-wife finally opened up about the incident that happened last week in Oakland Park, Fla., and she added more fuel to the fire.

Thaysa Kamiji, who was married to Silva from 2004 to 2012, said in an interview to Brazilian website UOL that she decided to end the relationship after years of aggression. Kamiji, who accuses the MMA fighter of throwing her down the stairs, said Silva’s continue use of cocaine made him more violent over the last month.

On Thursday night, Silva was arrested by the police after threatening to murder Kamiji and Pablo Popovitch, her boyfriend and jiu-jitsu teacher. According to Kamiji, the MMA fighter already knew she was dating Popovitch.

"You know what I don’t understand? We had a healthy relationship, we always talked, each one respected the other’s space," Kamiji said. "He became (violent) over the past three weeks. I think that’s the consequence of the use of cocaine.

"My marriage was over in December of 2012. In our relationship, I had to deal with the imbalance and aggressions. But I never went to talk to the police because I fear the reactions. Even after I was assaulted, I did not speak."

Popovitch guarantees he never had a relationship with Kamiji before she ended her marriage to with Silva. According to Kamiji, she decided to leave Silva because of his drug abuse, and she was afraid to report the other aggressions she suffered.

"That's what ended the marriage," she said. "The problem was cocaine. He always thinks he’s above the law. My neighbor knew that she should call the police if she ever heard me scream. He had the cocaine paranoia. He came to my house, tore my clothes and pointed a gun at my head. I already suffered some abuse, but I always withdrew because I was afraid."

Thiago Silva, who never tested positive for cocaine in his 12-fight career in the UFC, was released by the promotion after the arrest on Thursday night, and will remain in jail before the trial.

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