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Jessica Eye tested positive for cannabinoids in UFC 166 pre-fight drug test

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

Jessica Eye tested positive for cannabinoids in a pre-fight UFC 166 drug test, according to information released to by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). obtained a copy of Eye's open record regarding the positive test on Monday, confirming an initial report by Bloody Elbow. first confirmed the news.

Cannabinoids are a chief component found in marijuana.

Eye initially defeated former Strikeforce champion Sarah Kaufman via controversial split decision at UFC 166. However nearly four months later, the TDLR quietly overturned the result into a ‘no decision' due to Eye testing positive for a "prohibited drug." Commission officials issued Eye a $1,875 fine along with a one-year "fully probated suspension" retroactive to Jan. 22, 2014.

Eye signed a TDLR sanctioned settlement agreement on January 15, 2014, within which she waived her right to an appeal and agreed to pay the fine in seven scheduled payments stretching until August 5, 2014.

Prior to the commission's disclosure, Eye appeared on The MMA Hour early Monday morning to maintain her innocence in regards to Bloody Elbow's initial report.

"I'm continuously trying to clear the air for you guys, but there's some things on my end that I have to make sure that -- I don't want to say anything for anyone to use against me, but there were some mistakes that I made on my behalf that I didn't give enough knowledge (to the commission) ahead of time," Eye said.

"It was my first UFC fight, there was a lot of things going on. That was the first time I've ever fought in a different state. I mean, I fought in Atlantic City and Ohio, and I thought I've always done things properly, and you know what, it was a mistake on my behalf, and I'm going to continue to fix it. I can't help what allegations or what things that people want to bring up."

Due to the terms of Eye's probated suspension, the 27-year-old fighter is still scheduled to meet Alexis Davis in a pivotal women's bantamweight clash on Feb 22 in Las Vegas, NV at UFC 170.

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