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Morning Report: Tim Kennedy talks MMA future and calls for Metamoris match with 'PED user felon' Chael Sonnen

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Well, somehow word got back to UFC middleweight Tim Kennedy that Chael Sonnen recently had some words for him.

Earlier this week Sonnen chided Kennedy for being upset over his controversial UFC 178 loss to Yoel Romero, less affectionately known as 'stoolgate.'

Sonnen called Kennedy a 'cranky and bitter son of a b***h' before telling him to 'shut up' and to 'give Romero his 15 minutes and walk away.'

Unsurprisingly, Kennedy doesn't approve.

"First, Chael is wrong and I could care less," Kennedy told MMA Fighting Thursday. "Chael wanted to bring it up again, which is fine. My first assumption is that he's trying to promote a match with me at Metamoris, which is a horrible decision because I'll destroy him every which way.

"I think it's hilarious. Every time I've ever met with him we've been cordial. It just seems totally out of the blue."

After being inundated with text messages and calls over Sonnen's comments, Kennedy says he'd be more than happy to settle the matter with Sonnen on the mat.

"For me, it's just considering the source," said Kennedy. "He's a multi-drug test failing, PED user felon so do I really care what he says? I really don't care, but if he's trying to promote a match for himself I'm absolutely down and I'll make fun of him the whole time ... then I'll choke him out."

Sonnen competed against multiple time Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion and Abu Dhabi Combat Club champion Andre Galvao at Metamoris 4 on Aug. 9. Galvao submitted Sonnen via rear-naked choke at 13:49 of the 20-minute submission only match.

Kennedy, a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, says he has 'no worries' whatsoever about facing Sonnen in a grappling tournament.

"I'd feel bad," said Kennedy. "Maybe he could start in a dominant position or something. We could talk about the rules later. Start with him on my back with hooks in or something. Something that makes it fair. Maybe I'll wear an American flag gi and he'll wear a jumpsuit. Which is fitting."

On Nov. 20 Kennedy underwent a procedure to repair a partially torn meniscus in his right knee, but says it hasn't kept him out of the gym.

"I was back doing upper body lifting [the next day]. I'm already running on it. Still doing 14 workouts a week. Tomorrow will be my first day back into grappling and I'll have a better snapshot of where it is. The problem is I feel better than I probably am."

Still uncertain over his MMA future, Kennedy believes a match with Sonnen would be a great way to ease back into competition.

"I don't know when I'm going to come back to MMA, or if I'm going to come back," said Kennedy. "Chael is definitely a step in the right direction. That I would enjoy. Unless [Metamoris heavyweight champion] Josh Barnett is down for something because that would be fun, too."

With Sonnen sounding more than game, it might be time to call Metamoris promoter Ralek Gracie.



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