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UFC unveils Anthony Pettis' Wheaties box


UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis won a fan-vote this past summer to officially became the first mixed martial arts to ever grace the cover of a Wheaties box, and at Thursday's UFC 181 media day in Las Vegas, Pettis' cover was revealed.

"I definitely worked hard to be where I'm at right now and it's cool to see it all unfold, see the brands that are recognizing mixed martial arts like that," Pettis told earlier this year.

"It just shows you how big the sport is getting. I mean, Jordan was on a Wheaties box, Muhammad Ali. ... It's crazy to know that they're going to recognize a fighter, a UFC guy. It's big for the sport, that's what I'm excited about. This sport has grown so much, and for me, it's cool to see how big it's getting."

Pettis (17-2) is scheduled to defend his UFC lightweight title against former Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez this upcoming Saturday at UFC 181.

A 27-year-old affectionately nicknamed "Showtime" for his flashy striking style, Pettis has won three consecutive fights inside the first-round, including a first-round armbar over Benson Henderson last August to capture the UFC strap.

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