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Morning Report: Jon Jones unimpressed with Daniel Cormier's win over '50-60' year-old Dan Henderson

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Hasn't Dan Henderson been through enough?

As if living through it wasn't enough for 'Hendo,' UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is now using Henderson's uncomfortably one-sided May loss to chip away at the confidence of Daniel Cormier.

Cormier smothered the undersized fellow former U.S. Olympian for the better part of three rounds before finally choking Henderson unconscious at UFC 173, settling the freestyle vs. Greco-Roman debate for at least one night.

Set to make his eighth UFC title defense Jan. 3 against Cormier at UFC 182, Jones is doing his best to make DC's undefeated 15-0 record look as padded as possible.

"Your last fight was against Dan Henderson," Jones said in the UFC's 'Bad Blood' preview show. "You beat a guy that's 50 years old and now you step in against a 27-year-old who's going to come in there at 227 pounds healthy, young and athletic. If he thinks he's getting in there against a Dan Henderson, or if that's giving him any type of sense of security where he thinks he's just going to rule the light heavyweight division, he's sadly mistaken."

Henderson is actually only 44 years young, but Jones took it about a decade further in a segment for UFC 182's official countdown.

"Daniel Cormier's been asking for this fight for a long time," said Jones. "He beat Dan Henderson, who's like a 60-year old, and started talking trash to me on the mic right away. I'm going to give him what he's wanted and that's an opportunity to get his butt whooped by me."

Making a return to middleweight, Henderson will face Gegard Mousasi Jan. 24 at UFC on Fox 14 in Stockholm, Sweden ... as long as he hasn't retired.



Blame Bjorn. Quinton Jackson's manager faults former Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney for his client's fallout with the promotion, saying the company couldn't live up to its contractual obligations. 'In hindsight I think that Bjorn was over zealous with the Viacom networks' assistance he could rely on.'

Technique Talk. Reilly Bodycomb makes sense of Rousimar Palhares' brutality.

'He's gonna kick somebody's ass.' Cole Miller, a well-known professional wrestling enthusiast, says CM Punk has a better ground game than 50 percent of the UFC's roster.

The monopsony thanks you. Bellator CEO Scott Coker says his promotion will be in a battle for every major free agent signing, including the WWE's Brock Lesnar. 'When the time comes to have serious dialogue, we'll be right there.'

Needle mover. Dave Meltzer explains how Lyoto Machida drove home a major ratings win Dec. 20 despite not having much of a supporting cast. 'Saturday's number is more impressive considering the main event itself, which did 1,237,000 viewers in the first minute, was over in 62 seconds, leaving it little time to build the audience average.'




Countdown to UFC 182: Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier.


UFC 181 Fight Motion.


Warrior Code: Jon Jones.


The pros pick Jones vs. Cormier.


I hear Barcelona pays pretty well.


Sometimes you just gotta go for it.


Long watches.

UFC 2014 in Review plus 2015 Care/Don't Care Preview




We're close.


Busy month.


Don't forget.


Have to draw straws for it.


Car trouble?


Just gonna let this one go.

Una foto pubblicata da rondarousey (@rondarousey) in data:


Fair enough.




Great White North.


The campaign is on.



Announced this weekend (Dec. 24-28 2014)

Bryson Hansen vs. Rudy Morales at WSOF 17

Adam Cella vs. Danny Davis at WSOF 17

Edson Barboza vs. Michael Johnson UFC Fight Night: Evans vs. Teixeira



Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via friendoftheworld.

New Year's Eve Japanese Events: 2014

In the mid aughts, Japan was showing some of the best events in mma history on New Year's Eve. Japanese mma New Year's Events hit their apogee in 2006. Pride Shockwave, on December 31, 2006, featured a main event for the ages in Mark Hunter vs. Fedor Emelianenko Big Nog took a close decision over Josh Barnett. Hidehiko Yoshida was in a freak show fight with James Thompson. Gomi channeled Pele as he soccer kicked Mitsuhiro Ishida into oblivion. The event was generally very exciting and loaded with talent.

The New Year's show of 2007 paled in comparison. Pride FC was dissolved as a brand by the UFC in 2007. This didn't stop former Pride staff and M-1 Global from putting on the "Yarenoka" New Year's special on December 31, 2007. In contrast to Shockwave 2006, Yarenoka was just kind of 'meh'. Fedor Emelianko was put in the freak show role yet again submitting 7' 2", 367 lb. Hong Man-Choi. Mitsuhiro Ishida was able to take a decision over Gilbert Melendez. Shinya Aoki and Hayato Sakurai took victories over less than overwhelming competition.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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