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Morning Report: Rampage Jackson releases official statement after re-signing with UFC 'so Scott Coker can shut up'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

In the space of two years, former UFC light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson has aired his grievances against the UFC and Bellator, left both promotions and is still somehow an employee of each.

The news of 'Rampage' leaving Bellator MMA and re-signing with the UFC was announced Saturday during FOX Sports' telecast of UFC Fight Night: Machida vs. Dollaway.

Following the event, Jackson briefly explained the situation in a call-in interview with studio hosts Jay Glazer, Kenny Florian and Gilbert Melendez.

"I haven't been happy with my contract at Bellator for awhile, since after the pay-per-view with King Mo," Jackson said Saturday. "Bjorn Rebney, I don't know what happened. He left Bellator, got fired -- I don't know. The contract just wasn't right. My manager and I, we were trying to fix it. Bellator, they didn't want to fix it in 45 days. I terminated the contract."

Bellator MMA president Scott Coker responded to the news Saturday night in a Tweet, alluding that there may be a legal battle ahead.

Sunday, Jackson released an official statement via his webpage, claiming Bellator MMA to have been in breach of his contract.

After five months of grueling negotiations and gray-area contract talks with Bellator MMA and parent-company Viacom, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson officially terminates his contract with the up-and-coming promotion citing multiple breaches since the removal of President and Founder Bjorn Rebney. Jackson exercises a clause in the agreement that allows for a 45-day window to satisfy any contract dispute. Bellator MMA, failing to fulfill the requests of Jackson, was put on notice, failed to respond and eventually notified that negotiations were officially terminated.

Jackson's U.K.-based fight manager and Wolfslair Academy founder Anthony McGann confirms, late Saturday night, that "Rampage has indeed signed with the UFC." Details of the deal have not been made public. Jackson was available for comment late Saturday night from his Laguna Hills, CA training center Rampage Family Fitness and provided the following: "I went to the UFC and we put a deal together that worked out for both of us. I'm excited to be here. The UFC had nothing to do with me leaving Bellator. I was done with Bellator when I made the final call and they still didn't do what they had to do contractually. I wish those guys the best but I'm where I belong."

According to sources close to the situation, Jackson claims Bellator failed to provide him with pay-per-view numbers for his May 17 bout against 'King' Muhammed Lawal at Bellator 120. Jackson then terminated the contract when the company failed to rectify the situation in the allotted time period.

Jackson hasn't specified any sort of date for his UFC return, but plans to be active in 'early 2015.'



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Victory lap.

A few more months of work and the result is there. Thank God for allowing all this.
Now, I in search of my belt! I'll bring him back to Brazil !!


Better luck next time.

The defeat is part of our life, not ashamed because I lost, just gave me more strength to get me improve every day more! I'm fine, happy and grateful for the support, love and solidarity which are all having me, and also thank all who believe in my work! Congratulations to Rashid Magomedov for his victory !!! #arsenalcar #underarmourbrasil

The cold was back to ride in a hexagon. Thank you all for your support !!!


Maybe next year.




Cro Cop is starting an online academy.


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Never forget.




I get it.

What did you say ??!!! #Frosty #fightingwords

Chuck Liddell (@theofficialchuckliddell) tarafından paylaşılan bir fotoğraf ()



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Injuries, of course, are always a critical concern for the UFC and their bottom line, but this year was notably brutal. especially with the absence of Anderson Silva and GSP, two of the UFC's all-time top draws. Several highly anticipated main events were forced onto the scrap heap due to injured champions, including, but not limited to, scheduled bouts between Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier, Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum, and Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes. The latter actually forced the cancellation of the entire UFC 176 event, adding it to the list of "Ghost Events" joining 2013's UFC 151.


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