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Morning Report: CM Punk says he 'would fight Anderson Silva tomorrow' for 'the correct amount of money'

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

On a media blitz in New York City Thursday, professional wrestling's CM Punk began opening up a bit more on the early conversations held with UFC president Dana White prior to his joining the promotion earlier in December.

The WWE star has taken a mountain of flak for his choice to cannonball into MMA's grandest stage at 36 with no resume to speak of, but Punk says he was willing to endure the entry level tournament that is 'The Ultimate Fighter.'

"It was very much a kind of free flowing conversation sort of like, 'Well if you're interested in doing this we're interested in having you on board,' so the kind of things I talked about in that conversation were, well, 'Would you guys want me in 'The Ultimate Fighter' house? Is that the best way? Or is there another way that's best to introduce the world to this idea?'" Punk told Jim Rome on Thursday (via FOX Sports).

Punk had mentioned the possibility of appearing on the UFC reality show in January in an interview with Ariel Helwani, but didn't sound incredibly enthused.

"Not tooting my own horn and I'm saying that I'm some sort of megastar or anything," Punk said earlier this year. "But do you put CM Punk [on TUF]?"

Thursday, Punk said he even warned UFC brass about the inevitable backlash of his signing.

"I said, 'Listen guys, there's going to be a lot of people who are going to be mad at you.' Obviously they took that into consideration, but the idea -- just as my personality is -- we don't really care what other people think of ourselves, so it's their company. They presented me with a tremendous opportunity. I feel I would have been foolish if I would have left it on the table."

In the comfort of a few like-minded professional wrestling fans, Punk explained that the sport's complaining purists don't even really have an argument to stand on.

"I understand that fans and fighters alike will look at me and have that viewpoint, so I'm very, like, 'OK, I understand totally, because Jose Canseco wants to fight me," Punk told Opie Radio on SiriusXM. "I think I'm going to bring eyes to the product and I think there's going to be those MMA purists who are like, 'Go back to phony wrestling,' not understanding that MMA actually evolved from pro wrestling."

It wasn't until he appeared on TSN's 'Off The Record' with Michael Landsberg that Punk truly went on the defensive.

After lampooning Punk in an animated roll-in segment, as per usual on OTR, Landsberg expressed his belief that White is protecting him by planning to book him against a likewise questionable talent, rather than a UFC caliber fighter.

"No,' replied Punk. "We never had a conversation about who I would fight or what their experience level would be so that was Dana talking."

Landsberg pressed on by asking if Punk would accept a bout with someone with as much UFC experience as Nate Diaz, who voiced his concern over the signing prior to his bout with Rafael dos Anjos at UFC on FOX 13.

Punk responded by saying he'd fight anyone if it paid well enough, something he's maintained isn't a motivating factor for starting his fight career.

"Look, this is where things will get said out of context," said Punk. "I don't think Nate called me out. What Nate did was express his opinion on the UFC signing me and me fighting in the UFC. I respect his opinion. I'm still a Nate Diaz fan. I watched him fight last Saturday and I'll watch him the next time he fights.

"Who I fight isn't 100 percent up to me. I don't think it's 100 percent up to any fighter. That's what the [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva's of the world are for. Would I fight Nate Diaz? This is where he takes it out of context. Yea, I would fight anybody given the proper time to prepare for it. Would that be a wise decision at this juncture in my career? Probably not. But I would also fight Anderson Silva tomorrow if you paid me the correct amount of money to do so."

Fortunately for Punk, Silva already has a date to main event UFC 183 with Nick Diaz on Jan. 31 in Las Vegas. With talk of Punk's UFC debut now being pushed to late 2015, anything is possible.



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ONEFC beats UFC to China w/PRIDErules and Grand Prix FRIDAY

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Now yes there are some other good fighters on the card: Ji, Sexton, Pang, etc....

...but y'all know me and what I'm about! TOURNAMENTS BABY!!! Especially the EPIC PRIDEstyle GrandPrix!


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