ONEFC beats UFC to China w/PRIDErules and Grand Prix


Hello MMAFighting Fans/Friends!

I just wanted to let you know about another epic ONE FC this Friday 12/19/14

First of all, I need to apologize about my previous ONEFC fanpost. I got so swamped with life n work that I was unable to finish it like I had promised with the gifs n stuff; I couldn't even get to it in time to respond to everybody that commented on it! So I wanted to make sure and give y'all THANKS to all who read, rec'd, and commented.

Now to this Friday's 12/19/14 epic ONE FC: Dynasty of Champions Beijing China card!

This Friday, while the UFC is dealing with a lawsuit (burn! lol) ONEFC will be making history by breaking into mainland China with a card that includes not one, but TWO samenight PRIDEstyle Grand Prix! Awesome...

This event will be available for everyone to watch in HD for only $10 on ONEFC's website, and that includes FULL REPLAY so you don't have to pull an all night'r to watch! All you have to do is avoid internet spoilers till you get off work and press play! How cool is that!? All fans plz consider buying it and help support my fav org! Thanks!

Now yes there are some other good fighters on the card: Ji, Sexton, Pang, etc....

...but y'all know me and what I'm about! TOURNAMENTS BABY!!! Especially the EPIC PRIDEstyle GrandPrix!

LOOK at this awesomeness! 2 GPs on 1 card! Now THAT's breaking into a new market!

Beijing is gonna LUV this...Guaranz


Oh, and did I mention ONEFC's superior ruleset is 10x better than UFC's rules IMO.

ONEFC's superior ruleset is like PRIDEFC's ruleset with upgrades!

ONEFC's superior ruleset allows PRIDErules (kicks/knees to grounded opponents) and ALL elbows (12-6s included!) and is fought in a Cage so no more "re-starts" b/c of ropes! PLUS the fights are judged like PRIDE (w/specific new scoring criteria too!) and they even brought back Yellow Cards (for stalling, fouls, etc.) and the Legendary PRIDE Lady announcer Lenne Hardt for total PRIDEFC nostalgia!

Now of course I'm gonna end this fanpost with a lil'taste of the superior ruleset for ya!

Check out these awesome ONEFC finishes, including the 2014 KO of the Year!


^ Timofey Nastyukhin scoring magnificent 2014 KO of the Year!

Man that's AWESOME! Gives me epic PRIDEFC nostalgia of Shogun, Wandy, etc! 2 more awesome ONEFC finishes to showcase ONEFC's superior ruleset:


^ Stephen Langdown scoring a fantastic PRIDErules finish!


^ Roger Huerta scoring sensational PRIDErules GnP finish!

As always, I want to THANK everyone for reading! And remember, plz consider buying to support my fav org. ONEFC w/PRIDEstyle GrandPrix and PRIDErules! It's only $10! Enjoy!

Thanks again! ;-)