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Former UFC champion Anderson Silva negotiating with Reebok, but still ‘loves’ Nike

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Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil -- Anderson Silva could be the latest UFC star to sign a sponsorship deal with Reebok, but he won’t do it just for the money.

The former UFC middleweight kingpin, who was sponsored by Nike in the past, told the media during a press conference in Rio de Janeiro on Wednesday that he’s in negotiations with Reebok, who recently signed a deal with the UFC.

"We’re in negotiations with them," Silva said, who also announced a deal with Viber during the press conference. "We will see what we’re going to do."

Silva admitted he still "loves" Nike even after they stopped sponsoring him, but would be glad to wear Reebok if the deal makes sense for him.

"If it’s not something good for us, I won’t sign with them," "The Spider" said. "We have to be happy with the deal, and it has to be financially good for me as well. Everybody knows I was sponsored by Nike and that I always wore Nike. I love Nike. That’s the truth. I feel true to myself when I’m with Nike, so I can’t wear a brand that doesn’t make me feel true to myself. If I feel good with what Reebok offers me, I would definitely use it every day, or I’ll just use it in the Octagon and that’s it."

The UFC-Reebok deal starts July 2015, and Silva thinks it’s going to be good for the sport.

"I think it’s the evolution of the sport," Silva said. "Athletes don’t know how it’s going to be yet, but I believe it’s going to be good for the sport. My managers will have a meeting with Reebok, and we’ll know more about it."