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Dana White on Nate Diaz: 'All he's been doing is complaining'

Esther Lin

If Rafael dos Anjos defeats Nate Diaz on Saturday night at UFC on FOX 13, he'll move into serious consideration for a shot at Anthony Pettis' lightweight title.

But don't expect Diaz to get a title shot if he wins.

After a week which included a no-show of the open workouts and a bad weight miss, UFC president Dana White isn't exactly happy with the Stockton renegade.

"The Nate Diaz thing is a completely different scenario," White said Friday night in an interview on FOX Sports 1. "The guy is complaining about money, but he's done tons of things to ensure that he gets fined. He is complaining about the CM Punk deal."

White was just getting started on Diaz, who is returning to action after more than a year off.

"All he's been doing is complaining, not showing up for stuff, and now he doesn't make weight and he's four pounds over," White said. "I don't know what to do with him if he wins. There's a laundry list of problems there."

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