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Ian McCall cites blood infection for withdrawal from John Lineker fight at UFC Fight Night 56

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Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

UFC flyweight Ian McCall withdrew from his scheduled bout opposite John Lineker at UFC Fight Night 56 despite making weight Friday and being seemingly ready to compete without issue. Yet, according to McCall, he had health issues before arriving in Brazil that escalated to the point of being unable to fight.

"Bacterial infection in my blood. My body just failed me after the weigh-ins," McCall told MMA Fighting's Ariel Helwani via text message.

"UFC blood tested me a few weeks ago and it showed I had a slight infection. I just figured I'd work through it," McCall said. "I'm in such great shape and am so healthy I didn't think it would affect me like this.

"Since getting to Brazil, I've had a fever and only slept one to hours a night."

McCall says he was rushed to the hospital last night and will head home Sunday. He's been given a new round of antibiotics and told to get rest.

"I'm very sorry about how all this happened, especially to John [Lineker]," McCall notes. "We both needed this fight for so many reasons. We still do. Hopefully the UFC grants me another opportunity."