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John Lineker says making weight is tougher than fighting Ian McCall

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Guilherme Cruz, MMA Fighting

UBERLANDIA, Brazil -- John Lineker meets Ian McCall in the co-main event of Saturday night’s UFC Fight Night 56 in Uberlandia, Brazil, but fighting the fellow flyweight contender isn’t Lineker’s toughest fight.

Lineker, who had issues cutting weight for most of his UFC bouts, was asked by the Brazilian media what would be tougher: making 125 pounds on Friday or fighting McCall on Saturday.

"Cutting weight, for sure," Lineker responded. "We have three months to train for a fight, so fight night is just fun to me."

However, the Brazilian flyweight was hoping to make 125 pounds without issues on today’s official weigh-ins.

"I had issues in the past, but that’s not a problem anymore," he said. "My weight cut was great."

Not so fast, though, as the Brazilian missed weight in his first attempt. Minutes later, he came back at 126 pounds.

Lineker and McCall engaged in a verbal war through social media in the months leading to the fight, and the Brazilian says it got him pumped up for the challenge.

"It definitely motivated me," Lineker said. "I like to show my work inside the Octagon, not talking. I hope he’s ready to fight me. He has a good striking game, I consider him a good striker, but he won’t try to fight me standing."

McCall says Lineker has nothing but heavy hands, and "Hands of Stone" is confident that McCall will have to worry about his punches at UFC Fight Night 56.

"His best weapon is his wrestling, but I’m not worried about that," Lineker said. "It’s going to be a good fight for me, and a bad fight for him. I’ll show against McCall that my wrestling is better now and that I deserve to fight for the UFC title."

"Ever since I got in the UFC, the title is what I want," he continued. "I hope I can beat him and earn my shot at the belt. Many people are saying that the winner will fight for the title next, but you never know. I have to go there, do a good job and wait."