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Roan Carneiro fined $100 by OSAC; will have remaining $14,900 returned

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Guilherme Cruz

In the end, the $15,000 Oklahoma Heist ended up being a $100 fine.

Outrage filled the Twitterverse last month after word broke that the Oklahoma State Athletic Commission allegedly fined Roan Carneiro 30 percent of his $50,000 prize for winning the BattleGrounds MMA one-night tournament on Oct. 4 in Tulsa.

In reality, OSAC had temporarily withheld a set portion of his Carneiro's purse, a standard move for the commission, pending a hearing over Carneiro showing up late for his pre-fight physical.

Thursday, Carneiro confirmed to that, in lieu of returning to Oklahoma for a meeting, he and the commission agreed on a $100 fine. Carneiro expects to receive a check for the remaining $14,900 in the near future. MMAJunkie broke the news Thursday.

Carneiro (19-9), a former UFC competitor, defeated Randall Wallace, Trey Houston, and Brock Larson to win the one-night welterweight tournament.