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GLORY 19 delayed from December to February 2015

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Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Despite plans to host GLORY 19 in December, the organization has decided to push the event back. According to a report from Liver Kick, GLORY won't hold its nineteenth event until February.

"Obviously I'm disappointed that we had to move off the December 19th date," GLORY CEO Jon J. Franklin said.
"But I'd have been even more disappointed if we continued with the hard work it takes to put on an event like GLORY does and it didn't live up to the standard our fans have come to expect and demand.

"As planned for 2015, we will take January off and then return on SPIKE with GLORY 19 in February. Our Heavyweight World Champion Rico Verhoeven is facing a tough task in Errol Zimmerman and we've also got the buzzsaw that is Nieky Holzken and human highlight reel Raymond Daniels. Once we're able to announce the full card for GLORY 19, it will be worth the wait."

No specific date or location has been named for this event. GLORY 18 took place on November 7th in Shawnee, Oklahoma.