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Morning Report: Rory MacDonald says he'd never fight Georges St-Pierre and 'stab him in the back'

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Although former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and his protege Rory MacDonald claim to have never seriously discussed the matter, the pair has never wavered over refusing to fight one another.

Calling St-Pierre 'one of the more welcoming people' during his 2010 move to Montreal's Tristar Gym, MacDonald says the then-champion never treated him like a future challenge.

"He welcomed it," MacDonald told UFC commentator Joe Rogan Tuesday. "I never forgot it, either. A lot of people now are asking me to fight him, this and that. They don't see the things that I got to see, that I appreciate. Not only as a martial artist, but for myself. I learned so much from him and I gained a lot from his kindness and what he gave to me. I'm not going to forget that and stab him in the back."

Currently sidelined while he recovers from a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) in his left knee, St-Pierre has stayed mum as to whether or not he'll even return to competition.

St-Pierre stepped away from fighting following a controversial split decision victory over now-champion Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in 2013, but has been assured a title shot by UFC president Dana White if he opts to fight again.

MacDonald has been promised the next crack at the title, but he'll have to wait until Dec. 6 at UFC 181 to find out if he'll be fighting Hendricks or No. 1 contender Robbie Lawler.

Assuming he did hold the welterweight title in the near future, Rogan asked MacDonald how St-Pierre would go about making his return.

"I think he'd just do superfights," said MacDonald of St-Pierre. "I'm pretty sure. Almost 100 percent sure."

While White's checkbook has brushed away its fair share of noble intentions, MacDonald says a massive payday wouldn't motivate him to fight St-Pierre.

"You know what? Life's not about money," said MacDonald. "Obviously, I'm doing this for money, also, but it has never been my goal to be a f***ing billionaire. I'm going to live in the woods one day. Hunt, be weird, not have to listen to people call me a psycho all the time."

Once he's checked his boxes at welterweight, MacDonald says he'd go ahead and make the move to 185 pounds.

"I'll move up," said MacDonald. "Not because I have to. I've talked about it before. It's just sort of curiosity and the experience to fight bigger guys. But I want to do what I have to do at this division first."

MacDonald hopes the move to middleweight will help open him to more intriguing challenges, but won't look to abandon the 170 pound division completely.

"I'll probably still fight at welterweight, too," said MacDonald. "Because it's easy for me to make welterweight so if I can, if I can fight enough and the UFC is cool with it, sure.

"I want to overcome obstacles and test myself and find out who I really am."



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Today's Fanpost of the Day comes via SecondhandMMA.

Japanese Fighters Ready for the UFC

While it has been revealed that the UFC is cutting back their presence in Asia in 2015, that doesn't mean that there aren't fighters from the Land of the Rising Sun who are ready for the step up. These prospects or veterans on the rebound are riding win streaks and deserve to be noticed by Sean Shelby and Joe Silva. In no particular order, here they are:

The winner of Kazunori Yokota vs. Isao Kobayashi

In an excellent bit of matchmaking, Deep has matched up Yokota vs. Kobayashi in what could prove to answer questions about both fighters. Isao Kobayashi is a homegrown Japanese prospect who is 16-1-4 overall. He avenged the only loss of his career against UFC veteran Koji Oishi, and is riding a 12 fight win streak that stretches all the way back to July of 2010. He's got a solid striking game and seems content to eat a punch if it means he can give one. Off of his back he seems to stall and search for a referee who can help him get back to his feet (check out his fight against UFC vet. Kazuki Tokudome for evidence of this), and if he fights a solid wrestler or Jiu-Jitsu practitioner that could cause him issues. However, he's only 26, and he has time to develop a better guard game.


Check out the rest of the post here.


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