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Legacy FC signs one-legged fighter Matt Betzold

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Matt Betzold

Matt Betzold has a new place to call home.

Riding a four-fight winning streak, the one-legged flyweight has signed a multi-fight deal with Legacy FC, promoter Mick Maynard told on Tuesday.

"I wanted to let you know we signed Matt Betzold to a multi fight deal," Maynard said. "His first fight with us will be on February 27th in Houston with the opponent still to be decided."

Betzold was signed with World Series of Fighting but, according to Legacy FC’s Maynard, "he is definitely no longer (signed) with them." Betzold joked on Facebook that he was "dropped from WSOF," because his "face is [too] ugly to air on NBC."

Betzold (6-3), a member of Team Alpha Male in California, scored five of his six professional victories via submission and hasn’t lost since 2011.

In a recent interview to’s Shaun Al-Shatti, Betzold explained how he lost his leg.

"I got blood poisoning in my system," Betzold said. "The poison and the toxins were clogging up my arteries and the poison was eating through my skin. They gave me antibiotics to reject the poison from my body, and it just started seeping through my pores. Basically I lost my leg because of a blood clot, and by the time I got out of the hospital, I had been in a coma for six weeks.

"They thought I was going to die so they didn't give me the therapy that I needed, they didn't move my body. When someone is in a coma, they're supposed to move your body around everyday so your muscles don't curl up on you. Well, they didn't do that, so when I got out I couldn't even move my arms, my neck was all curled up in my chest, and I had to go through a lot of therapy to get my mobility back from my joints."

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