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Leandro Lo chokes out UFC lightweight Gilbert Burns at Copa Podio

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Erik Engelhart

Gilbert Burns’ return to the jiu-jitsu mats didn’t go as he expected.

Fresh off a first-round submission victory over Christos Giagos at UFC 179, the Brazilian lightweight returned to Copa Podio on Saturday night in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in a submission-only, no-time limit jiu-jitsu match against fellow BJJ world champion Leandro Lo.

Burns, who was 3-0 against Lo in grappling competition, nearly secured a leglock, but Lo was able to survive. After 20 minutes of action, Lo tapped "Durinho" with a cross collar choke.

Joao Miyao and Gianni Grippo also battled in a submission-only no time limit match, but the promotion decided to end the contest after one hour. Miyao and Grippo are expected to compete again at Copa Podio’s next edition.

In the middleweight grand prix, Felipe Preguica claimed the gold after defeating Luiz Panza in the final. In the previous matches, Preguica scored wins over Claudio Calasans, Gregor Gracie, Thiago Sa, Patrick Gaudio and Erberth Santos.

In the "Brazil vs. United States challenge," Tim Spriggs choked out Lucas Hulk.