So How About Mendes vs Edgar?

I don't know about you guys, but I did NOT expect Frankie Edgar to dominate Cub Swanson the way he did. Besides Aldo, the only other contender I can see with enough wrestling chops, ability to maintain a frenetic pace, high output, endurance and explosiveness to hang with Edgar IS Chad Mendes.

I know when it comes to matching up rising contenders with those coming off a loss is rare and generally frowned upon, but hear me out on this. Why not match Mendes vs Edgar either around the same time or a month after McGregor/Siver (McG gets title shot with win), and match up Swanson with Bermudez? Aldo/Mendes 2 was exciting and so was Aldo/Edgar 1 so whoever wins gets a crack (again) or at least pair these two up later on (providing each of them wins again against opponents I can't think to match them up against in the interim).

The issue though is who then to match up Lamas with? He could also take on Edgar but then that leaves Mendes out to dry so I suggest match him up with Lentz as he is the only other one coming off a win in the top ten (unless it is agreed suitable to feed Lamas up & comers like Holloway for entertainment value above anything else).

What do you guys think?