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Pacquiao vs. Algieri results: Manny Pacquiao bludgeons Chris Algieri to take unanimous decision victory

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Chris Hyde/Getty Images

Manny Pacquio retained his WBO welterweight title Saturday night against Chris Algieri, battering the American over twelve rounds to take a unanimous decision victory 119-103, 119-103, 120-102. The bout took place at the Venetian Macau in Macau, China and aired in North America on HBO pay-per-view.

Pacquiao's victory was never in doubt and, at times, it seemed as if the end was near for Algieri as he suffered six knockdowns over the course of the bout. He was able to answer the standing eight count each time, but could never really get any measure of consistent offense going.

Algieri was able to box and move in certain rounds to make the bout close. Despite losing handily, he did attempt to stay off the ropes, avoid being cut off at angles and cover defensively. Pacquiao's offensive blitzes ended up muting all of Algieri's offense, who could never really use his jab - one of his bette weapons - to any great effect.

When asked post fight for his reflections on the bout, Pacquiao was largely positive.

"Tonight, I did my best," he told HBO commentator Max Kellerman. "Of course, I'm satisfied with my performance tonight. I did my best. I think that's enough."

Pacquiao never showed any signs of fatigue despite being close to the age of 36. He was able to pressure Algieri backwards for all twelve rounds and had the clear edge in hand speed. The Filipino fighter credited an improved camp for the energy and high workrate shown in the fight.

"We improve our strength. we do more heavy bag in training. We start earlier in training camp. That's why I was very confident to win the fight. I'm in shape."

With no real obvious contenders left for him to fight, Kellerman also asked about a potential super fight with Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

"He's going to fight me? Yes! Yes!" Pacquiao said, referencing a recent Nike ad where he says the same lines. Yet, when being more serious, Pacquiao did, indeed, claim he was ready to face him.

"I think I'm ready to fight next year [with] him."

As for Algieri, he had nothing but praise for his opponent, recognizing he was outgunned and facing an all-time great.

"Manny is the best in the world at fighting like Manny Pacquiao. His start and stop is great. He's got so much experience. He's perfected fighting like Manny Pacquiao."

Pacquiao's record climbs to 57-5-2 while Algieri earns his first loss, moving his record to 20-1.