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Jon Jones doesn't think 'class act' Bill Cosby is guilty of allegations

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Jon Jones hopes the damning accusations against legendary comedian Bill Cosby are not true -- and he doesn't believe they are.

Cosby is being accused of sexual assault by at least 15 different women. TMZ cameras caught Jones outside LAX and asked him what he thought of the allegations.

"I don't think Bill Cosby would do that," the UFC light heavyweight champion said. "I've never met him, but from what I've seen he seems to be a class act. I kind of grew up admiring him as a black actor and I really hope that's not true."

Jones, not taking the conversation very seriously, also did an imitation of Cosby from his Jello commercials and insinuated that the "Cosby Show" star didn't need to assault women, because he was rich.

"He's Bill Cosby -- he shouldn't have to take it," a laughing Jones said, making a giving-away-money gesture with his hands.

Netflix, TV Land and NBC have all cut ties with Cosby, foregoing potential future projects. The 77-year-old has never been convicted nor even tried for any alleged crimes.