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Metamoris 5 recap: Renzo Gracie vs. Kazushi Sakuraba, Rory MacDonald vs. J.T. Torres end in draws

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What Metamoris 5 lacked in finishes, it certainly made up for in action.

The night concluded in a bit of a downer though, as PRIDE legends Renzo Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba faced off against one another for the first time since Saku famously broke Gracie's arm at PRIDE 10.

The match ended in a draw, as Renzo explained to commentator Kenny Florian post-fight that much of his inactivity and utilization of the closed guard was due to a dislocated knee he suffered in training camp. Gracie said he went three years without ever doing a pushup and lost 27 pounds in just three months ahead of the exhibition match with Sakuraba.

Gracie also mentioned his upcoming 2015 exhibition grappling match with UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes set to take place in Abu Dhabi, and that he did indeed plan on competing again in MMA.

A man of few words, Sakuraba spoke through a translator, giving Gracie credit as a tough opponent but also apologized that he 'couldn't do more.' (Live blog)

In the co-main event, UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald may have bitten off more than he could chew in world champion J.T. Torres. MacDonald was game from the start, but Torres largely dominated the action. The match ended in another draw, and while MacDonald admitted to Florian that Torres had put him in some deep water, he said he would have allowed his arm to break before tapping to a deep kimura from Torres. Not music to the ears of UFC president Dana White.

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Torres told Florian he had a good, but not great match against MacDonald, but that his opponent was beyond tough.

Ah, the secret match. Having Jake Shields included in the action against Roberto Satoshi sounded like a great get for the event, but it was a bit troubling to hear him tell Florian he took the fight on about a week's notice. The match ended in another draw, but Shields dominated the action.

Unfortunately, Keenan Cornelius didn't have much to say after his draw with Yuri Simoes. Cornelius stormed off the mat once the match was over, seemingly upset over not earning a submission in their rubber match, especially in the gi.

For his part, Simoes said he was excited over the format of the event and that he'd love another shot at Cornelius.

In a more frustrating match, ADCC world champion Vinny Magalhaes had a fairly uneventful draw with last minute replacement Matheus Diniz. A Marcello Garcia brown belt, Diniz was more than game over an apathetic Magalhaes.

Magalhaes would later admit to Florian that even he was bored during the bout, but also that he ended up needing to stall against Diniz.

The event kicked off with a no-gi match between two grappling prodigies looking to make a splash. After sinking in a nasty heel hook for the tap, Gary Tonon told commentator Kenny Florian that he was happy with with the win and successfully followed through with his 'finish at all costs' strategy.

In obvious pain, Maxwell remarked to Florian that he just hadn't quite been ready for the last submission attempt. Florian implored about a possible knee injury, but Maxwell didn't seem to want to speculate on it.

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