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Metamoris 5 live blog

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Renzo Gracie will try to avenge his MMA loss to Kazushi Sakuraba at Metamoris 5 on Saturday.
Renzo Gracie will try to avenge his MMA loss to Kazushi Sakuraba at Metamoris 5 on Saturday.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the Metamoris 5 live blog for the Metamoris event at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, Calif. on Nov. 22.

There will be six fights on the card. Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Renzo Gracie, Rory MacDonald vs. J.T. Torres, Yuri Simoes vs. Keenan Cornelius, Vinny Magalhaes vs. Matheus Diniz, and Garry Tonon vs. Zak Maxwell will be the featured matches. A secret match will also be contested.

Check out the Metamoris 5 live blog below. Each fight will be contested for one 20-minute round.

Garry Tonon vs. Zak Maxwell

Here we go, first match of the night is no-gi. Tonon and Maxwell slap hands and we're off.

Tonon locks up with Maxwell and Tonon takes the back quickly once it hits the mat. Back to feet as Maxwell escapes to standing. Maxwell sets up an omoplata on Tonon, but Gary is patient;y working out of it. Wow, Zak has this at a nastly angle as they're almost face to face. Gary looking to roll underneath Zak, but Maxwell is secure on side mount.

Maxwell hits mount, holds on tight as Tonon bucks to escape. Tonon creates a scramble and rolls for the heel hook. Zak defending calmly as he works to sit up. Zak grimacing a bit. Ref breaks the action as they near the edge of the mat. We'll restart at center standing.

Zak takes a seat and they begin some hand fighting. Tonon tries to roll into a kimura but Maxwell isn't having it. Zak's arm being extended but Zak defending well. Tonon putting some real strain on Zak's arm, but he's out!

Zak sits for his own inside heel hook, switches to the toe hold, cranking.

Again back to feet at center. Tonon going after the heel hook again here. Maxwell looking for a back take, as Tonon shift to a kneebar attempt. Tonon now going for an inside heel hook in 50/50 position. Zak back to his feet, secures the pass to side control on Gary. Tonon now working back into guard and settles for the lockdown in half, looking to sweep now from deep half and he hits it.

Tonon on top now as he stacks Zak. Tonon sits for another heel, Zak starts to roll and taps! It's over.

Gary Tonon def. Zak Maxwell via heel hook.

Vinny Magalhaes vs. Matheus Diniz

Next up we've got Vinny Magalhaes vs. Matheus Diniz in no-gi. They slap hands and we're off.Man, sort of a David and Goliath type match here. Could be over quick but who knows?

Vinny has a noticeably size advantage here in the tie up. Even the commentators don't hold much hope for Diniz. Vinny seems to be taking it slow out the gate, gently hand fighting here. Diniz goes for an arm drag takedown but we're quickly back to the feet.

They break and reset. Diniz goes for another takedown but there's nothing there. Still in the tie up here. Diniz looking for an inside trip, but Vinny back away. Another shot from Diniz, outside single, but nothing.

Back to the tie up, head to head. Vinny seems to be waiting out the brown belt here. Diniz goes for another shot, double. Another single here, but Vinny just pushes Diniz away. Kinda bullying Diniz here. Six minutes in and we haven't had much action.

Diniz goes for the Marcello Garcia armdrag to single leg and goes for a back take, but Vinny sorta runs out of bounds and they break the action. Luckily for Diniz, ref gives him the position at center. Vinny quickly out of the bad spot and we're back the tie up.

Ref urging them to get busy now. Both men seem a bit frustrated. Diniz goes for an unenthusiastic takedown, not much more than a kneetap. Diniz back to looking for a single. Another shot for a double from Diniz but Vinny finally pulls guard. He's working the rubber guard now, putting pressure on Diniz' left arm.

Diniz working his arm out for a limp-arm and he's out. Vinny in closed guard now. Vinny again working for the rubber guard, but has to settle for pulling Diniz into him and breaking his posture down. Diniz working through with some nice crossfacing.

Vinny again working on the rubber guard and may be looking for a triangle. He's resting a bit in Mission Control, a great way to help break posture in rubber guard. Diniz breaks out and stands up. He dives right back into Vinny's closed guard, though.

Vinny threatens with a wrist lock, but might be moving to a kimura. Vinny really hipping out looking for a flower sweep. Back to Mission Control from rubber. Diniz almost manages to pass and he's now in half guard. Diniz going for broke about 90 seconds left.

Diniz goes for a pass from half but Vinny regains closed guard as they scramble. Commentators urging Diniz to just go for something here. BLAH. It's over.

Vinny Magalhaes vs. Matheus Diniz goes to a draw.

Yuri Simoes vs. Keenan Cornelius

Alright, Yuri Simoes vs. Keenan Cornelius in the gi. Keenan in a gi is going to be tough, but Yuri is certainly no slouch. The pair have faced each other twice already, taking a win a piece. Not a bad trilogy match here.

They slap hands and we're off.

The pair start circling each other and Yuri immediately starts looking for some lapel drags. Yuri goes for a throw and Cornelius sits for a deep underhook, but pulls out in a scramble and looks to regain guard. Cornelius playing a lot of open guard here.

Cornelius just pummeling his legs making it impossible for Yuri to get a pass going. Cornelius goes inverted here and Yuri works to Keenan's right hand side. Cornelius sits up from an ankle hold. Yuri on his back now, playing some deep half.

Yuri looking for a back take here, but shifts to a kneebar attack. Cornelius locking down now, staying heavy and working to drive his leg back to saftey. Now Cornelius steps over and we're in the world famous Jeff Glover Donkey Guard!

Yuri going for a toehold here, as Cornelius sits on his chest facing away from him. This is pretty awful to watch. Here we go, Yuri attacking the knee now. Ouch this is brutal. The crowd goes nuts as Cornelius doesn't tap. That hurt to watch.

In 50/50 with about 12 minutes left. Cornelius looking for a standing leg drag and runs right around Yuri's guard. Yuri goes inverted again, could be looking for another leglock. Yuri playing some de la riva now, but Cornelius is stacking and pulls off the pass to side control. Cornelius is looking to set up an Ezekiel choke now from the back.

Cornelius is triple attack position now, but Yuir escapes and regains closed guard. Yuri looking for a handstand sweep and Cornelius stands. Yuri now in deep half, Cornelius attacking his near-side arm for a kimura attempt. If Cornelius can escape that trapped let Yuri could be in major trouble.

Yuri senses the danger and buries the trouble arm between his leg. We scramble and we're back to the feet. Back to grip fighting now as Cornelius pulls guard. Yuri woking to pass here, but Cornelius goes inverted to recover the position. Cornelius now stands and sweeps, Yuri on bottom. Yuri back to inverted and here we go, but BOOM Cornelius hits the backtake!

Cornelius now working with the body triangle. Yuri has problems here. Cornelius now setting up the armbar, never quite sits for it though. Cornelius switches to an omoplata, using Yuri's own gi to wrap around his leg to make it even tighter. Cornelius now on top, holding omoplata, but working for a paper cutter choke here.

Cornelius bails on everything and tries to back out, but Yuri pounces and tries to slam on a triangle! Cornelius isn't bothered and is back on the arm. Cornelius now with a crucifix position, but gives it up. Cornelius now really working some more lapel guard, at least threatening with it.

Cornelius now working some worm guard with less a minute remaining. Yuri sits for a footlock in desperation, threatens a kneebar but that's it. We're done.

Yuri Simoes vs. Keenan Cornelius goes to a draw.

Secret Match- Jake Shields vs. Roberto Satoshi

Whoa! Pretty cool to snag Jake Shields against Roberto Satoshi here.

They men shake hands and we're off.

No feeling out here. Jake Shields comes in and immediately starts looking for the submission, a guillotine. Satoshi hits the double leg takedown but Jake goes back to the guillotine. Satoshi has to abandon the position to avoid the choke and Shields ends up on top in close guard.

Satoshi working to defends but Shields really working the on the pressure pass here. Satoshi framing hard here, but Shields is just bullying through it . Satoshi shoots for a leg from guard for a sweep and Shields stands.

Back to the feet now. Satoshi goes for a jumping guillotine after faking the shot. Satoshi jumps guard, Shields in closed. Satoshi trying to elevate his hips and is working on the ninja choke, a sort of guillotine.

Wow, Sheilds had Satoshi stacked double unders and was looking for the pass but Satoshi traps an elbow, rolls and ends up on top for a second. Back to the feet. Satoshi shoots for a single here. Nothing, now Satoshi back in a high closed guard. Satoshi with an overhook on Shields' right arm, could be setting up an armbar or omoplata.

Satoshi again threatening for the ninja, not shooting for a deep half sweep. Shields tries the arm-in Demente pass but Satoshi elbow pushes and stands. Back to closed for Satoshi. Satoshi again isolating an arm, Shields hits a can opener to open the guard a bit.

Shields passes briefly but Satoshi regains. Shields looking for double unders, Satoshi goes inverted. Shields passes! Shields real heavy now in side control. He seems a bit gasses and now hits mount.

Shields staying super heavy on top here as Satoshi looks to attack for a head and arm choke. Satoshi regains the guard after Shields got a big too high of a mount.

Satoshi threatening with a triangle but ends up giving up the mount. Sheilds shifts back in half guard, but slides right through to side control. Satoshi hips out, does a front roll and regains guard. Satoshi now looking at Shields' left arm. Satoshi playing a little reverse de la riva as he looks to get some space but he's right back to guard. Now Satoshi follows Shields to the feet as Jake goes for a sacrifice through about four minutes left here.

Jake his a wizzer on Satoshi's takedown attempt. Just pushes him right back into the mat. That was punishing. Shields quickly shifts from half, to side, to mount in about four seconds. Satoshi struggling a bit here.

Shields still in mount, looking to set up an armbar. Satoshi framing nicely, but wow moves to go for a mounted triangle in S-mount. Nope, now Shields in a reverse kesa position, tries to mount but Satoshi defends to leg sliding over. A bit of quick knee-on-belly from Shield and he's go mount.

Seconds left, Satoshi stands in a scramble and Shields sits for a guillotine! Now a straight armbar! Satoshi escapes and pushes Shields away in a scramble. Close but no cigar.

Jake Shields vs. Roberto Satoshi goes to a draw.

Rory MacDonald vs. J.T. Torres

Here we go. Co-main event. Rory MacDonald vs. J.T. Torres. Rory should have quite the size advantage but Torres has edge experience-wise.

Spiderman vs. The Red King. A lot of people are picking Rory to stall on top and hope for a draw, but hopefully he decides to put on a show here.

Yep, Rory at 195, JT at 170. Should be interesting.

They shake hands and we're off. JT looking for an armdrag here early. Rory more focused on wrist control. Still in the tie up, until JT hits a takedown tapping the outside knee. JT now in half guard, moves easily to side, knee on belly.

JT moving to north south here, but circles back and Rory recovers to half. JT is out and back to knee on belly. Rory looking for that far underhook to work an escape, but JT threatens a kimura. Rory on bottom now following a scramble, playing butterfly.

JT back to knee on belly. Rory looking for an elevator sweep to get back to the feet. Back to the tieup now. Five minutes in now. JT faints a jumping guillotine. JT looking for another armdrag as Rory leaves his arm too deep inside. Rory really leaving his arm deep inside digging for underhooks. Wow, Rory drops and rolls for a leg, but JT isn't impressed.

Back to the feet now. JT jump pulls guard now. Rory on top in closed guard. JT working to break down Rory's posture. JT threathens with a quick traingle attempt but nothing there. JT combating the preassure by pummeling his feet back inside to defend.

JT has a heel hook now! Then a calf slicer! Rory bails and we're back standing. JT jump pulls guard again. Rory heavy on top, sits back for his own heel hook, but JT is rolling, Rory belly down now. JT not only escapes, but take mount. WOW, that was slick.

JT pushes up an arm for an arm triangle choke, but Rory drives the elbow back down to defend it. JT in mount here.
Back to the feet. OH MY Rory goes for a flying scissor heel hook a la Chonan-Silva, but JT isn't having it. Brief bit of JT standing while he works through MacDonald's legs. JT passes but we're back to standing.

Six minutes to go now. JT goes for an inside trip but to no avail. JT pulls to butterfly guard. JT moves to closed guard, threatens with a guillotine but quickly abandons it. Rory looking for some leg drags now. JT clamps down on a leg to get half guard, but ends up sweeping and nails a high single leg.

JT in top half guard now, quickly passed to side. Oh my. JT hits an inverted triangle now and has a DEEP kimura! Rory is in major trouble here! And he's out! Wow. Rory not thinking about that title shot right now.

Rory gunning for a footlock on Torres now. Two minutes left. JT passes into full mount effortlessly. Rory escapes and we're back standing. 90 seconds.

JT pulls guard, Rory again sits back for a heel and JT matches. Dueling heel hooks!! Rory lets go of his, but not Torres. JT lets go and Rory is back in his closed guard. One minute.

JT again goes for a heel and uses it to stand. JT pulls guard again, Rory tries to cartwheel through it. Not happening. We're done. Great match.

Rory MacDonald vs. J.T. Torres goes to a draw.

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Renzo Gracie

Here we go, kids. The sorta-rematch between Renzo Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba.

I'm not sure what sort of injury Renzo would need to sustain to tap here. Not sure what sort of shape Saku's in. Very intriguing.
Saku and Renzo hug and we're off. This is awesome.

Right into the tieup here. Renzo faints for a takedown, but Saku hits a single leg and dumps Renzo. Doesn't pounce though. Back to the tieup here.

Saku dives for an ankle pick, but Renzo with the nice sprawl. Renzo with an outside foot trip, Saku retreats, Renzo waves Saku back into the center of the mat. Nice snapdown from Renzo, and he sits for an arm-in guillotine. Saku pops right now.

Saku working Renzo's closed guard. Renzo looking to break posture. Not much action here about five minutes in. Saku and Renzo really just focused on grip fighting.

13 minutes left and we're still on the mat, Saku in closed guard. Renzo looking to setup an armbar, but not much going on here. Saku cycling through some different guard breaks, but Renzo is right there with him. Saku is getting a bit frustrated here. Renzo sits on for a bodylock to break the posture.

Saku thinks about the can opener for a second but bails on it. We're 10 minutes in. Renzo's gotta open up a bit here. This is brutal, even for me.

Finally, Saku stands up and starts to pass and he's got the cradle from top! Oh man. Renzo is out. Now Renzo's on top. Renzo now with double unders looking to stack and pass. Renzo shifts to more of a threaded needle pass and makes it to side control.

Just over six minutes left. Saku framing as Renzo crossfaces from side control. Renzo working to clear Saku's frame, but not having much luck. Renzo may look for a back take here.

Five minutes left. Renzo moves to a north south. Not much movement from Saku on the bottom. Four minutes. Renzo still in north south. Renzo looking to set the inverted triangle to attack the far arm for the kimura. Saku biding his time, but he's gotta work.

Two minutes left. Saku still surviving. Renzo is waiting on something. He abandons the position but Saku recovers and recovers to half. Saku briefly using the lockdown here.

30 seconds left. Renzo trying to win the mount, but Saku brings his arms down for a deep single. Ugh. We're done. That's it.

Renzo Gracie vs. Kazushi Sakuraba ends in a draw.