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Rickson Gracie likes Metamoris, but rules out return

Erik Engelhart

Rickson Gracie, one of the greatest names in jiu-jitsu and vale tudo history, is a fan of Metamoris.

The legendary Gracie, who is undefeated in MMA and jiu-jitsu matches, was always critical of what jiu-jitsu has become over the years, with the change of rules and the way BJJ fighters compete today. With submission-only 20-minute matches, Metamoris founder Ralek Gracie got his attention.

"I think it’s a progressive idea," Rickson Gracie told "Metamoris tries, by removing the rules and bringing longer matches, to bring more dynamic matches with more finishes."

Despite being a fan of the promotion, it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t make some changes on its format.

"If there’s no penalty for stalling, fighters will find a way to control the match and the time, looking for a comfort zone," Gracie said. "It makes it exactly like a modern jiu-jitsu fight, but longer. It’s the same boring match, but lasting longer.

"You should have the option to say ‘come on, if you don’t fight the way people expect you to, go home. You’re disqualified. Go away.’ You’re there to watch a match and it doesn’t happen because the rule allows you to do whatever you want, so people go there and fight for a draw because they already got paid.

"A real match, with fighters going for all or nothing, is what people want to watch."

Metamoris’ upcoming card is scheduled for Saturday night in Long Beach, Calif., and features Renzo Gracie in a long awaited rematch with Kazushi Sakuraba in the main event. In the previous event, Royler Gracie was the one coming back to the mat to face old rival Eddie Bravo.

Rickson Gracie, who turned 56 years old Thursday, rules out competing at Metamoris.

"I don’t see myself competing anymore because I’ve completely lost interest in competition, and my injuries wouldn’t allow me to perform the way I would like," he said. "It’s not something I think about anymore. For those who still have this motivation, I think it’s cool."

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