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XFC interested in doing Wanderlei Silva vs. Chael Sonnen in Brazil; Silva accepts fight

Inovafoto, UFC

Remember when Wanderlei Silva said he would never fight again? He may change his plans for one fight in particular.

The former PRIDE middleweight champion was a guest color commentator at Saturday night’s XFC International 7 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and said in an interview to RedeTV, TV channel that aired the event live in Brazil, that he would come back to face his longtime rival Chael Sonnen.

"Are you ready to do this? Let's do this," XFC president Myron Molotky asked Silva after the XFCi 7 main event, where Allan Nascimento defeated Ruslan Abiltarov via decision.

"If (Sonnen) accepts the fight, why not?" Silva replied. "I’d do it. Why not? I’m here. Come get it."

Silva vs. Sonnen was expected to headline a UFC card in Brazil after fighters coached the third season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3, but the bout was moved to UFC 175 due to Silva’s hand injury. The match-up was later cancelled.

Silva announced his retirement on Sept. 19, blaming the UFC for taking away his desire to compete. Days later, the MMA veteran received a lifetime ban by Nevada Athletic Commission for running away from a random drug test in his gym in Las Vegas. He’s expected to appeal the decision.

Sonnen has also retired from MMA after testing positive for five banned substances. The former middleweight and light heavyweight title contender later received a two-year suspension by NAC.

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