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After surgery to repair a retinal tear, Bethe Correia hoping for spring return

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Wallid Ismail

Miesha Tate wanted women's bantamweight contender Bethe Correia in her next fight, but Correia was forced to turn the offer down due to an injury. Now we know exactly what it was that kept the Brazilian from competing.

Turns out it was a detached retina in her right eye.

Correia's manager Wallid Ismail told UFC Tonight that she suffered the injury last month in training and had to have surgery to fix it. According to Ariel Helwani, who spoke to Ismail, Correia is hoping to return to action in the March or April range.

Tate and Correia had been having a back and forth on social media before the injury took place. Correia said that she would be Tate in such convincing fashion that the UFC would be forced into giving her a title shot. Tate welcomed the challenge and accepted the fight, but was reslotted against former Olympic wrestler Sara McMann when it was learned Correia would be unable to go.

"[McMann] probably does more for my career fighting her, if I beat her," Tate told FOX Sports. "She's an Olympic silver medalist in wrestling. She's really, really good. It says a lot beating someone of her caliber."

Tate and McMann are set to fight at UFC 183 in February, a month before Correia will be ready.

Correia has made waves in the bantamweight division by taking out two of the so-called "Four Horsewomen," of which current champion Ronda Rousey is a member. Correia defeated Jessamyn Duke at UFC 172 in April via a lopsided decision, and then veteran Shayna Baszler at UFC 177 four months later. After each victory, she pealed away a finger to indicate she was taking each of the Four Horsewomen out.

The 31-year old Correia is 9-0 in her professional career.