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Bibiano Fernandes responds to Joe Warren callout: ‘He talks too much’

Dan Herbertson, MMA Fighting

Bibiano Fernandes gave Joe Warren the fastest loss of his professional MMA career in 2009, but it looks like Warren still hasn’t forgotten that night.

Warren, who recently unified the Bellator bantamweight championship with a win over Eduardo Dantas, told MMA Junkie he would love to avenge his loss to current One FC 135-pound champion one day.

"Bibiano Fernandes – he’s who I want to fight," Warren said. "He beat me in my first loss. I didn’t train, and I lost. He beat me in the Dream finals for the world championship belt, and that still kind of drags on me. That’s one guy I would like to fight before I’m done here. I would like to beat up Bibiano one of these days."

Scheduled to defend his One FC belt against undefeated Dae Hwan Kim on Dec. 5, Fernandes is up to the bout.

"He talks too much," Fernandes told "I guess he’s heartbroken."

With Fernandes and Warren under contract with different promotions, the Brazilian bantamweight has an idea to solve this situation.

"The kid is good, really tough, but if he wants to fight me again, I can give him an option: if you’re sad, give me a call, brother, and meet me at my gym in Canada," Fernandes said. "We can fight there, closed doors, until one taps or gives up, an old school way to settle personal things. But if you want, we can also talk business and fight in a cage."

Fernandes submitted Warren in 42 seconds with an armbar to win the Dream featherweight title five years ago, and has no doubt he would finish the Bellator champion again.

"Man, I’ll tap him both ways, in the gym or in a cage," he said. "He talks too much.

"I heard he doesn’t accept that loss. Come on, man. You have to accept your wins and losses. Move on."

Winner of 15 of his past 16 bouts, Fernandes says you need a "refined jiu-jitsu" to beat a wrestler like Warren, and that’s what lacked in Eduardo Dantas’ arsenal when they fought at Bellator 128.

"‘Dudu’ is good, but you have to have a strong mind to fight guys like that, especially wrestlers," he said. "They will try to take you down, and you have to have a refined jiu-jitsu to fight a wrestler. Like Chael Sonnen once said, nothing beats wrestling, except jiu-jitsu. But you need a refined jiu-jitsu."