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Dennis Siver on Conor McGregor's trash talk: 'I don't think it's appropriate'

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Esther Lin

LAS VEGAS - Throughout Monday's "The Time is Now" UFC press conference, the fighters on hand noticeably reacted to Conor McGregor's witticisms. Anderson Silva laughed uncontrollably at one point. Ronda Rousey frequently turned around to get a look at the madness going on behind her. Several others unsuccessfully tried to hide their smiles.

One fighter at the event didn't find this quite so humorous, however: McGregor's opponent in Boston on Jan. 19, Dennis Siver.

"In my view, it is not correct the way he talks," Siver said through an interpreter. "I don't think it is appropriate, not only towards me, but also towards other fighters. I don't think it is correct."

For his part, the German featherweight said he couldn't imagine himself behaving in McGregor's manner.

"It's not who I am to be talking like this," Siver said. "Not only about fighters, but any situation. I understand that it gets attention, but not mine and it's not how I am."

Ultimately, Siver says McGregor can talk all he wants, but Siver will simply tune it all out.

"I let everything that he says just bounce off," Siver said. "It is trash. I don't care about it, I don't let it affect me. The only thing I let it do is I concentrate on the fight."