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Nick Diaz wants GSP rematch, but not 'in Canada where you can just be on steroids'

Esther Lin

LAS VEGAS - Nick Diaz has it in his head that fighters can take pretty much anything they want up in Canada, without repercussion.

Diaz, who returns from his self-imposed exile to meet Anderson Silva in the main event of UFC 183, told reporters on Monday that he'd be down for a rematch of his last fight, a unanimous-decision loss to Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158.

But he wouldn't return to Montreal to make that fight happen, or anywhere else north of the border.

"Sure, if I do well, and he comes back in the sport, sure," Diaz said of a GSP rematch. "Why not? I see myself having a better run, too. Maybe just not being in Canada where you can just be on steroids."

For his part, Diaz, who has twice been punished by the Nevada Athletic Commission for marijuana use, said he wasn't tested for the fight, and that he might not have passed if he did.

"They didn't drug test me for that fight," Diaz said. "I probably would have tested positive. They didn't test me. They don't drug test in Canada."

For the record, Quebec's commission tested six of the 24 fighters on the March 16, 2013 card, though it did not reveal which fighters were subjected to the random tests.

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