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Nick Diaz fires back at ‘old Georges’ St-Pierre: He's ‘scared’ to fight Anderson Silva

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

While much has changed in MMA over the past few years, at least we can take comfort in knowing that fewer things still liven up a Nick Diaz interview faster than the mention of Georges St-Pierre's name.

In classic Diaz fashion, Stockton's favorite son meandered through a myriad of topics during Monday's appearance The MMA Hour, from his near two-year layoff to his upcoming return fight against Anderson Silva at UFC 183. But without a doubt, the subject that fired Diaz up the most was his old welterweight rival, St-Pierre, and the former champ's comments that Diaz "made a mistake" by accepting the fight against Silva at 185 pounds rather than a catchweight.

"The thing is about old Georges is he's not doing the fight, okay?" Diaz said. "So, he didn't take the fight. He could barely say two things and he'd get the fight, just like that. But he didn't want the fight. He's scared to do the fight, and he's scared to do the fight at 185 pounds, and he thinks that we have so much in common that maybe I don't want to do the fight at 185. How the f**k does he know? Who knows, maybe I have a harder time making weight than old Georges does. I come in there skinny as s**t. Georges packs on an extra 20 pounds of muscle. I'm like, that's what I have to do to fight at 185 pounds. So you can look at it like, however you want, but the thing is, the fact is, I'm like he didn't really take into consideration what's what when it comes to what's really on with it.

"Not that [Silva] is not going to, but he doesn't have to show up on weight, doesn't mean that I'm not going to fight," Diaz added. "The fact is that we're both going to walk out there, and I'm going to be a lot smaller if I try to make a catchweight and my opponent decides that he doesn't want to make weight. Now I actually have a real issue to do with, and that's a real physical possibility. I'm not concerned about who gets fined a little small 10-percent or whatever, because you didn't make weight or something. As far as I know, Anderson Silva, he's always made weight. What's one time you don't make weight?"

Of course Diaz and St-Pierre infamously have a bit of shared history. A former Strikeforce champion, Diaz effectively coaxed St-Pierre into granting him a title shot at UFC 158 on the strength of his taunts alone. And while Diaz ultimately lost the fight via unanimous decision, he won the war of words in the event's lead-up, frustrating and angering St-Pierre to a level not often seen from the usually reserved Canadian.

The talking point which most offended St-Pierre though was Diaz's accusations steroid abuse, and regardless of St-Pierre's heavily anti-PED stance, Diaz continued with the theme on Monday, blurting out "Did they finally get him for steroids?!" when host Ariel Helwani broached the subject, and saying of St-Pierre's public stance: "Sounds like old Lance Armstrong."

As for his comments on Silva, Diaz reiterated that St-Pierre should keep his nose out of other's business, especially if St-Pierre is of the mind that he'd rather stay on the sidelines than fight.

"You don't know what the f**k you're talking about until you're actually the guy in the driver's seat," Diaz said. "So you can f**kin' run your mouth, or you know, you can be the ball and do what you gotta do. So that's me, that's where I am at. But I don't know, I don't go ahead and give my opinion on what I think fighters should've done or would've done, because I'm not them. I don't know, you don't know. You don't know what's what, you don't know all the details of what's what. But you know, if he's going to have things to say, just say what he wants to say."

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