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UFC 180 results: Kelvin Gastelum submits Jake Ellenberger in the first round

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Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

In the co-main event of UFC 180, the rising Kelvin Gastelum had the best performance of his career, submitting top contender Jake Ellenberger in the first round.

The two opened being very cautious of the other, Gastelum the southpaw and Ellenberger staying orthodox. Gastelum would pump the jab early, landing with some effect, but Ellenberger was also able to score with hard right-hand counters. Gastelum eventually timed a double and put Ellenberger on the mat, a few feet away from the cage. Ellenberger would work from open guard. Ellenberger was able to stand without much damage, but ate a left hand once he stood. Gastelum pressed Ellenberger into the fence, yet it was Ellenberger who reversed him.

After a lift and then drop to the canvas, Ellenberger was on top of Gastelum on all fours, but Gastelum quickly reversed him, taking Ellenberger's back. From there, Gastelum unloaded, dropping hooking punches. As he snatched Ellenberger off of his base, he landed the rear naked choke, which Ellenberger couldn't defend.

The tap came at 4:46 of round 1.

"This is the best fight of my career and I was able to fight in front of all of you," Gastelum said post fight.

Acknowledging Ellenberger was able to land on him a bit, Gastelum also said none of his opponent's strikes ever really hurt him.

"I did see all the strikes, but none of them affected me," he noted.