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UFC 180 results: Ricardo Lamas submits Dennis Bermudez with first-round guillotine

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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In a battle of world-class featherweights looking for a title opportunity, the division stalwart in Ricardo Lamas would prove superior, submitting Dennis Bermudez in the first round at UFC 180.

Lamas kicked off the fight landing leg kicks and moving while Bermudez responded with punches and a clinch. He pressed Lamas against the fence in a 50-50 position and Lamas was able to laterally turn and escape. Bermudez briefly had a front headlock on Lamas, who slipped on the canvas, but Lamas escaped. A front kick from Lamas knocked Bermudez off balance, which also allowed Lamas to lock up his own front head lock. Bermudez scrambled to his feet and they moved into the clinch, again with Lamas back against the cage.

Bermudez tries to land a few strikes there, but ends up eating a right hand of his own. As the two exchange strikes in the middle of the cage, a right hand from Lamas drops Bermudez. Before 'The Menace' can even recover, Lamas jumps on him with an arm-in guillotine. Bermudez rolled to escape, but Lamas kept the choke while in mount. With no place to go, Bermudez tapped.

The end came officially at 3:18 of the first round.

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