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UFC 180 results: Augusto Montano stops Chris Heatherly with barrage of knees

Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

Fan favorite Augusto Montano gave the crowd in Mexico City at UFC 180 what they wanted, dispatching Chris Heatherly with an onslaught of knees in the first round of their main card bout.

Heatherly was able to secure the takedown early and after shucking off a Montano armbar attempt, passed to side control. But Montano faked him out, showing he was going to half guard, but rolled out the opposite way. The two eventually clinched along the fence with the bigger Montano being the aggressor. A knee up the middle badly hurt Heatherly, which helped the Mexican plant Heatherly on his back and attempt to pass.

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Heatherly was able to escape, but Montano was able to unload with a barrage of knees against the fence, forcing referee John McCarthy to stop the contest as Heatherly was bent over, simply covering up.

The end came officially at 4:50 of round 1.