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UFC 180 live blog: Ricardo Lamas vs. Dennis Bermudez

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Ricardo Lamas faces Dennis Bermudez in a key featherweight contest at UFC 180.
Ricardo Lamas faces Dennis Bermudez in a key featherweight contest at UFC 180.
Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

This is the UFC 180 live blog for Ricardo Lamas vs. Dennis Bermudez, a featherweight bout at Saturday night's UFC event at the Arena Ciudad de Mexico in Mexico City on Saturday night

Lamas, who has won four of his past five fights, will face Bermudez, who has won seven straight fights, on the main card.

Check out the UFC 180 live blog below.

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Round 1: Mario Yamasaki is the referee. Big fight in the featherweight division. They come right out and swing, and Bermudez plants and strikes. Spinning kick from Lamas, and that's followed up superman punch from Bermudez. They tangle on fence, and Bermudez pushes Lamas to fence. Nothing doing there, and they go back to center. Bermudez  swings wide trying to take Lamas' head off. Wow! A kick from Lamas gets intercepted by a kick from Bermudez and he goes back on the canvas. Crazy exchange. Bermudez  trying to lift Lamas up and dump him on fence, but can't get it down. They stand straight, and Bermudez now takes a knee to the body as he himself gets posted up on fence. They switch positions. The toil rolls along. A little separation, and Lamas snapped off a sharp punch. Now they go back to center and Bermudez throwing one-offs. Straight left hand drops Bermudez! And Lamas jumps in and snatches his neck, trying for a guillotine. He might have it! Bermudez has his hand out ready to tap, and now he does! It's over. Brilliant straight left hand dropped Bermudez and he wasted little time in swooping in for a finish. He trapped Bermudez's arm, and then rolled to his side to render it helpless and finished the fight. Technical brilliance, and truly great showing by Lamas.

UFC 180 official results: Ricardo Lamas def. Dennis Bermudez via submission (guillotine) at 3:18 of R1.