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Wanderlei Silva pulled from Bellator event after details of UFC contract emerged

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Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

On November 10, Bellator announced recently retired UFC light heavyweight and middleweight Wanderlei Silva would take part, in a promotional capacity, in Bellator's 131 'pre-party kickoff' on Friday, November 14. By November 11, Bellator announced Silva had been pulled from the event.

What happened in that span of time that caused Bellator to tout his inclusion only to announce his removal?

According to sources close to the situation, the details of Silva's contract weren't thoroughly vetted prior to the announcement of Silva's participation in Bellator's promotional event. Silva's management allegedly insisted he was cleared to take part, which ultimately proved not to be true.

While the specifics of Silva's UFC contract have not been made available, there are provisions, when enforced, that prohibit him from taking part in the particular manner asked by Bellator. When those details were presented to Bellator, they immediately withdrew Silva from the intended role.

It is not known at this time if Bellator intends to use Silva in any other capacity going forward.